Continental GP4000 Clincher Bead

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by addict

:unbelievable: my tire was completely adequate..

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by bm0p700f

given the number of these tyres sold a defect rate is to be expected. No tyre is perfect all tyre manufacturers will produce a faulty tyre from time to time. I don't think continental are any more prone to it than vittoria, michelin We here about it because they sell so many.

by Weenie

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by uraqt

Not so sure of that, there was a thread awhile back, last year about a bad batch of GP4000s ( I think ) from PBK...

I moved to a different brands because of it.... I feel that some of these failures are safety issues at 40 MPH


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by NiFTY

An update, after the weird de-beading incident I have done another 200K, including a 80K race on rough country roads and the tyre is rock solid, must have been a freak event.
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by addict

before my incident on the road I thought the same way! My advice to change it for new one..

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by Ozrider

Been using Contis for over 5 years with no issues. I use the Race Light tubes as I find the Supersonics a bit fragile, specially if getting a flat while on the road. Rather 25g extra than patching tubes next to the road

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