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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by madcow

This will be the first in quite a few years where I won't be working at Interbike, tomorrow I'll just be wandering and looking. I'm planning on posting pics as I go on my facebook page, feel free to friend me on facebook for updates.

Those updates will just be with my phone, but I'll try to get good pics with a real camera to post when I return.

If anyone has any requests for things they'd like covered just let me know and I'll try to get to it.

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by Ypsylon

2013 colorways of the Castelli San Remo Speedsuit would be sweet. :mrgreen:
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by shillc

The Parlee Z Zero!
I may have to finally sign up for Facebook.
Any chance of posting here or on twitter?

Many thanks.

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by njroadie

I would like to know if Garmin has anything new in their cycling line.

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by refthimos

Ypsylon wrote:2013 colorways of the Castelli San Remo Speedsuit would be sweet. :mrgreen:

I would like to second this request. But to those who have never tried this bit of kit, I would just like to say that it is TERRIBLE, you do NOT want to wear it, yes look away now, nothing here to see.... :wink:
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by carbon2329

Parlee Z0

(just in case I can't find it, in person, but I will be looking hard for it :D )

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by CharlesM

It's pretty...

Hit the ENVE booth.

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by jrennie

I hear Specialized has something new coming in the begining of the year

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by Cheers!

pictures of the new chris king limited edition anodized purple parts!

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by Ozrider

Hi Jason
Any info on a Parlee aero road bike. Is this the Z0 or is there an additional bike down the line as well as the Z0?
Also pics / info on the new Alchemy hubs

Charles, seen as you seem to know something, can you post any info you come across, as well as pics?

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by krzysiekmz

New stuff from Tune(MTB rims), Scapin bikes(650b full suspension), Paduano, new MSC Blast.

Small manufacturers and custom frame builders. Ok that's too much but have fun!

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by agfu

Anything new from EE Cycleworks? Have been looking for their brakes at the usual suspects but a lot appear to be out of stock. perhaps a new/revised model coming out? :D

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by Juanmoretime

Anything new and light on cranks and seatposts with setback would be appreciated! All appropriate specifications too.

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by JMT

I am curious if Velocity will release an oc version of the A23 rim (in silver). Any other new wide oc rims as well.

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by madcow

Ozrider the z0 is not the aero model that will be further in the future.

Agfu nothing new from ee until 2014. They are in between production cycles more brakes will be available in the next few weeks. Only change will be a spacing one otherwise they are still the same.

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