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by maquisard

I very much doubt the acquisition of Cervélo is anything to do with the paint schemes on the bikes. The company has been acquired by a holding company, look who owns Mavic, Salomon, Cannondale etc. It is often a large conglomerate with a portfolio of such companies but who don't really have a controlling influence in the companies below board level. To continue on from that the FUD about Cervélo not being able to acquire new designs from VWD is pure nonsense and conjecture. How often have Cervélo refreshed their existing lines year on year?

The paint schemes aren't great but I think there have been worse in the past. The highlight was definitely the 2007/2008 era black and white CSC bikes.

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by Rashadabd

Here's more photos from the catalog:

http://blog.artscyclery.com/sneak-peek/ ... neak-peek/

by Weenie

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by ph

I would second Rashadabd's comments about the lack of Di2 integration. I took the Garmin mechanics drilling R5 frames at the Giro to be confirmation that there is strong demand for this feature:
http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/pro ... elo-r5-vwd" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Perhaps the disappearance of this team-only mod (unauthorized?) at the Tour was an indication Di2 integration was not in the cards for 2013.

I'm curious about the Campy EPS R5 mentioned in the artscyclery blog. I thought the EPS cable system was only suitable for internal routing.

For a company with such an impact on frame design over the past decade, it would be a shame if their only "innovation" in 2013 was a colour scheme (that seems widely panned at least on forums). Perhaps resolving the P5 production issues is the main focus these days and delaying a Di2 integrated R series bike leaves some gas in the tank for 2014+. I would add that the 2013 R3, S2 and P2 seem like really good value - a lot of technology and pedigree for entry level bikes.

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by SSB

I wonder if the 2013s are going to be equipped with Dura Ace 9000/9070. If it is, then I would expect a huge stuff-up with getting bikes delivered to customers knowing Cervelo, and they won't actually be available until next year.

It's good to know that they got rid of that ridiculous Base/Team/VWD distinctions, and cut it down to the base/VWD models.

Also, what's with no more SRAM on the complete bikes?
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by Machinenoise

CarpetFibre wrote:I like that R3. It's pretty unique - the rest... well not so much. I really don't like the graphics on the P5.

What happened to this...?


Its still my TT bike 5 years on! :) classy, although I've seen some all white resprays look pretty swish too.

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by 2011

ALL of the new models have the option of either Di2 or mechanical.

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by justkeepedaling

The R5 and R3 look good. I'd prefer the logos to be much much smaller, but they're not terrible. Everything else looks like crap

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by eric

timzcat wrote:So glad the I got rid of my Cervelo.

The horror of the '13 Cervelos hasn't made my '09 uglier or less functional.

But if it breaks and I need a warranty replacement, I'll have some thinking to do.

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by timzcat

Part of the reason I got rid of it. Where I am, most of the area dealers bailed on Cervelo because of thier business practices. Therefore warranty becomes difficult and I already had a warranty repair before my LBS left them.

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by Andrewjn

Perhaps In this case we should probably concentrate on its ride qualities etc. Yet it looks virtually unchanged... perhaps you cannot improve on it? But with that said, I had a beautiful ( back then) R2.5 which morphed into a R3 which I do belive was one of the better bikes going around then.It rides now as my commute bike with a set of Michelin Optimum 25mm tyres and it still is a great bike...But I did buy a Ciocc Devilry which is both in my opinion a great and beautiful bike and not once did I consider going to a Cervelo despite a happy history with them. Butt hole Ugly

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by spatz

Bikes will sell well, better then the last few years graphics. Best is still the 2009 R3/Soloist SL's ... understated graphics and best functional framesets. Had the option for both in 2012 but luckily found both in NOS. Shift routing that adversely affects performance isn't acceptable, and BBRight is market driven hype with no real world performance benefits. Not sure why the new framesets don't allow the use of 25mm and higher volume tires either. On the BMC Team and Specialized SL whatever's you can but 28mm+ with plenty of clearance for more. I'd happily give up 0.2 watts in drag for more tire options as events warrant.

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by MikesBike

not the best paint job.
More the R5ca: Tufo tubes???? and why o why that silly habit of not using all of the handle bar tape? Also not a big fan of non setback seat posts on road bikes.
Looks more a poser bike than a real racing bike.
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by justkeepedaling

It's a lightweight show bike... But the R5 CA's geometry was specifically designed for a non setback post in comparison to the standard R5. Some people's femur lengths etc are different and necessitate a setback post on the R5 CA, but for the most part, it isn't supposed to be used with one

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by GT56

although it is a bit disappointing to see no technical innovation whatsoever (I had hoped for at least one version of the R3 with Di2 /EPS integration) it actually does not come as a real surprise considering the company was only taken over Q1 of this year.

i imagine that any development work leading up to the sale was stopped for lack of funds (grace the P5 which was in the launch phase at that time)

supposing development work was picked up late Q1, any production ready results would never have been ready in time for a launch in Aug 2012

i guess we will have to hold our breaths until MY 2014 or 2013 1/2 earliest

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by daj

Yeah, It's a lot different from the old paint schemes, but I like em!

S5 looks sooooo much better this way!

by Weenie

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