2013 Cervelo

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by jl88s

Such a disappointment. I'm glad I went left(Cannondale) instead of right(Cervelo). Uh, maybe cervelo should consider a new graphic designer... BMC's maaaaaybe? :lol:

by Weenie

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by aerozy

OMG that P5 paintjob is just shocking! :unbelievable: This gets 10/10 in the "how to make a great bike look horrible" department
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by maquisard

Notice that 'Vroomen.White.Design' is now no longer on the chainstays.

VWD was of course always a separate company from Cervélo that did the design/engineering aspects. I wonder if this has changed?

I am a Cervélo fanboy and think they look awful. This years schemes are much better. Glad I purchased my R5 when I did. The only good looking one is the R5Ca and it is unchanged.

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by hansonator69

I just wish they never changed from the 2007-08 paint schemes...
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by brycerider

That's a shame. Hang the graphic designer.

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by 2011

hansonator69 wrote:I just wish they never changed from the 2007-08 paint schemes...

What? That was the era of the large "e"... which they have suddenly decided to bring back. I think the 2007 era Cervelo we're even worse!

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by Cheers!

These were the best color schemes

2008 SLC-SL

2008 R3-SL

2006 Cervelo Soloist Team. Black Anodized

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by refthimos

Pretty surprised the R5 was not drilled for internal di2. Now I have to decide whether to stick with Red or drill my R5 (I have zero interest in running external cables all over my bike).
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by Rashadabd

I can't say that I'm surprised, but I was defintitely hoping for more integration from Cervelo. All of their competitors new bikes have improved on the integration front (new Madone, Domane, BMC Gran Fondo 01, new Felt Z Series). I think all actually have internally cable routing. I guess Cervelo is saying that with or without improved brake and Di2 integration, we still make the best bikes and are confident that you will still buy a bunch of them. I guess we will see if they are correct.

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by Cheers!

Somehow I have a feeling that the Dutch conglomerate PON that owns Cervelo is calling the shots for 2013 models, and that they want to extract value out of the cervelo brand and recoup on the $ spent acquiring cervelo. Therefore they are not interested in changing molds or anything.

Since VWD (vroomen white design) is a separate company, I would think that PON would have to buy new designs from VWD and that the cost to buy the next iteration of each model was going to be very very high and did not want to implement yet.

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by timzcat

First sign of a slow painful death was the takeover. This just confirms it.
So glad the I got rid of my Cervelo. :beerchug:

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by Rashadabd

I think you two could be right. Well, after much contemplation and a fair amount of research, I have to say that my options are wide open right now. I was hoping to add another bike to the stable, possibly something super light or aero like the R5 VWD or the S5. It saddens me to say Cervelo didn't do anything to motivate me to purchase another R Series. The more I look at them, the less I like next year's design. I really wanted to see more integration. I have mixed feelings on the S5. In the end, I am going to see what the prices are for the S5, but I have also decided that I am going to test Trek's new Madone & Domane, and BMC's Gran Fondo 01. If I'm not impressed with any of those, I will just stick with my R3 and remain a 1 bike man. May the best bike win (and brand loyalty will not carry the day, I'm on the hunt for the best blend of speed, weight and comfort).

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by bobbyOCR

I have always thought that Cervelos looked awful. This is no change.

BMC have a historically good track record with paintjobs I have to say. Even the Phonak bikes.

The question I have is are the bikes under the paintjobs improved or is it same-old same-old from Cervelo?
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by JWolf

I like the 2 tone S5. The R5 CA doesn't appear to have changed at all.

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by Monkeyboy3333

I just brought up a little it of sick...

by Weenie

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