HELP:My Lightweight Wheel got a hole on one spoke

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by lyq0322

:noidea: :noidea:
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by 2002maniac

See if you can upload a better/larger picture. It's really hard to see what's going on there...

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by jdp211

^^This, the hole looks way smooth to be from a ding. You said the wheels are new?

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by petepeterson

What did the shop say?!?!??

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by HammerTime2

Take better pictures, and email them, with the wheel's product number, to CarbonSports for their assessment. Perhaps a CarbonSports representative will show up on this thread, but you should go ahead and send an email.

roca rule
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by roca rule

hopefully you are in europe. better to ask carbonsports, but i think they are going to say that it is safe to ride.

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by CarbonSportsGmbH

lyq0322 wrote:[...]Look at this spoke,a small hole. It's new,I take my bike home and find the small hole.
Will this hole make my wheel weaker than others?[...]

This "hole" is not really a hole but a cast of some dirt in the spokes mold. This is nothing you have to worry about - it will not weaken your spoke or wheel as the complete bunch of fibres is undamaged.
Andreas Schiwy, CarbonSports GmbH

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