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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by HammerTime2

HammerTime2 wrote:
VNTech wrote:I'll be meeting with Barry from Brim Brothers at Eurobike. Any other questions you'd all like answered?
I don't know whether you "can" ask this, but ... wrote:Are you interested in talking to potential investors or partners?
So does Brim Brothers need investors in order to get into production?

HammerTime2 wrote:Perhaps some one who is attending can send an email and try to come away with something more than is in the Brim Brothers web site (well, maybe not tool likely) ... perhaps plans or thoughts for pedal systems other than Speedplay?

Any thoughts on the possibilities of diagnosing pedal stroke/technique using a version which captures the under the hood data discussed in the article?

Caley, did you meet with Brim Brothers?

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by Berk

artray wrote:well done Berk , shout out here :thumbup: ... 012-35208/" onclick=";return false;

Thanks! :beerchug:
Berk PROTO-TYPE Composites - Handmade In Slovenia
Berk Composites

by Weenie

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by mrfish

For those wishing to see how that half breed offspring of a bow and arrow and a bicycle works, see here. It's quite ingenious and shifts 'gears' by varying the leverage of the pulleys attached to the crank. But claims about it being simpler and more efficient than a chain driven bicycle seem unlikely.

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