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by artray

Anyone know why AX are using 3T forks instead of there own super light forks ?

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by djconnel

artray wrote:Anyone know why AX are using 3T forks instead of there own super light forks ?

Cost. The goal of this frame is a stock, made-in-China frame, I believe.

by Weenie

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by kgt

This look is sexy!
And I love the ISP...

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by Kjetil

I noticed that Assos launced a new version of their intermediate jacket. Thanks, I'll have the white one.

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by uncle-gee

Is the Wilier Zero 9 at the show?

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by kgt


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by GZA

Some where, on some website, over the last 2 weeks I saw a 1600g deep (~60mm) aero raw aluminium wheelset - I think was Easton but am not sure.

For the love of god can someone find it for me again!

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by SWijland

New TIME pedals, called Xpresso:

Titanium-carbon model weighs only 155 grams!

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by bikewithnoname

very tasty pedals from time, almost tempted to drop the speedplays and give them a go, almost

Also the Engage range from AX looks pretty nice and not super pricey
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by Wingnut

Hmm, not enjoying my new Dura-Ace pedals ATM, not enough float...those new TIME's look nice!
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by HammerTime2

Are the cleats for Xpresso the same as iClic cleats? When was the last time that iClic cleats changed (were improved)?

Edit: This doesn't answer the questions above, but I found this, which has the information card at the Time display: ... 1346260915
I removed the image tag because it is big.

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by gabriel959

I am very glad I have seen this, I was going to upgrade my original I-clics to I-clic 2 but seeing as these will be coming next year I am going to wait as they look fantastic.

I love my original I-clics, best pedal I have used (SPD, SPD-SL and Look before that).

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by KWalker

STARNUT wrote:someone remind me why L-R power balance is important again?


To sell more powermeters to people who don't really understand power training and aren't 100% convinced that they need one. Gives them something to claim to be training.
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by tymon_tm

can anyone post photos from Look's stand please? i've heard they have many new colour options displayed but can't find anything but few pic of this and that :noidea:
kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

by Weenie

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by reggiebaseball

Here you go tymon
Pics from Look Booth (not mine):

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