Crank selection for Power2Max - advice appreciated!

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by thencameyou

Wanting suggestions about crank choice for Power2Max unit to go on the racing bike (Look 586) - currently has a 53/39 SRAM S900 P2Max on it but looking to put this on the training bike. The race rig as set up at the moment is more of a climbing/special occasion bike, and am looking for a nice crank to match.
The complicating factor is I already have another SRAM s900 crank so would be very easy (and ~$600NZD cheaper) to buy a 110mm spider for it and run 52/36 stronglight rings. Been wondering about the merits of Rotor 3d (not the + model, frame suits a standard 24mm BB) or lightning, but unless the weight savings are likely to be substantial (>150g) I'm not sure it's worthwhile...

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by Dammit

Hi, not going to be much help on the crank choice dilemma- all I can say is that a friend of mine has the Rotors and is very happy with them.

I'd be interested to get your feedback on the P2M though- you must be happy with it if you are getting a second one?

I was considering it, but have to admit by being a bit put off my the temperature linked zero offset drift, which cannot correct unless you freewheel.

What has been your experience of this?

by Weenie

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by mrlobber

Using Rotors own BSA30 cups, you can run Rotor 3D+ on a BSA frame as well (just put such a Power2max on my Look 596 machine).
On their website, P2Max say this is the lightest crank of all their powermeters, didn't weigh mine, though :oops:
At the moment, I don't have any personal long term feedback on such a solution, either.
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by wok

I own a rotor 3d+ power2max crankset and it's really nice. I would recommend you rotor cranks and you might want to reconsider the 3D+ version as it's lighter and theoretically stiffer than standard 3D one. It also fits bb386 standard and many others, so it might be a wise choice. BSA30 bearings by rotor are very good quality imho.

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by roca rule

Why not go for the lightning crank it is about 200$ more than the rotor and will save you over half a pound compared with the s900.

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by Weenie

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by Voye

I have 2 P2M on 2 Rotor 3D and I am very very happy with both set-up. One is standard 130 and the other one compact, both with Q Rings. Not the lightest out there but stiff, solid and easy to work with. Yes, you could save some weight going with the + version but for me, I was looking to put the money saved on both crank elsewhere. The P2M themselves are great and both have worked flawlessly. I could not recommend enough. Customer service is also outstanding.



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