ticking/creaking every pedal stroke when out of the saddle.

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by ferrarista

check the bb cups too and regrease them. I've had clicks coming from the bb cups when they were dry. a simple regrease took care of the problem.

could also be the seatpost. take it off and a little bit of carbon paste.

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by smck

So I re-greased the pedal spindles, the springs, both QR skewers & dropouts, and then took a quick spin in runners but there's still a 'tick' when each crankarm goes through 12 o' clock out of the saddle. Also checked the rear wheel but can't find any cracks/irregularities. They're Cosmic Carbone SLR's (now SR). Beginning to think it may be the BB cups, so I'll have to brave the LBS and hope they know what they're doing. I'm going for a long spin tomorrow so I'll put some more carbon paste on the seatpost and see if I can narrow down the noise to a certain place.


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by Robroyski

check your shoes and make sure that metal plate that is used to install old shimano pedals is not free floating on each stroke. My SIDI's Ergo 2 did that.

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by btompkins0112

Check your headset bearing preload and the torque on your stem bolts....

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by IcedHalo

Is your QR tight enough? I had the exact same problem a few months ago. Despite lubing the QR i had the creak, didn't go away till I tightened some more.

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by pawnii

i bet it's the seapost.
I had the exact same problem, creaking just past 12 o'clock.
I carbon paste the hell out of the seatpost but that didn't stop it.
After practically rebuilding the whole bike, I then carbon paste the hell out of the inside of the down tube, for the full length of the seatpost. This fixed it. No more creaking :)
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by audiophilitis

Have the same issue with my SR11. I suspect it is caused by the wave washers on the BBs. Haven't ventured to remove them yet to inspect.

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by JWolf

I had a similar noise on a bike and only fugue it out by riding in one pedal at a time. It only happened when I was applying pressure to the left pedal and I figured out that the crank (thm) carbon was creaking against the grooved shaft. A bit of thick grease helped.

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by artray

This is a great thread .Only wish Columbo was still alive to give his view .

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by rbrtwyn

Here is the most in depth list I've seen on creaking. http://vcrcbike.blogspot.com/2012/04/wh ... aking.html

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by sanrensho

First thing I look at is the seatpost, then I would check the skewers and finally the BB.

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by ayrej2

if it's only happening out of the saddle, I'd be having look at your stem & headset adjustment.

When standing, you've got your weight a lot further forward, and as the pedals go over the top this is when the bike would be leant over to the side the most, putting the most twisting/bending force through the front end.

I get this sometime - normally a front end strip down and re-assemble makes it go away.

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by Tricky1

Hopefully you've solved the tick by now, but as I had the same issue recently I was compelled to write. I was convinced as you were the noise was from the BB or drive train (Campy SR), and at the 12 o'clock position. I was going insane! Instead, after exhausting the same lists you did, the tick was still there. The tick had been at the rear der. hanger/dropouts (mine bolt on). Once I removed, cleaned, greased and re-torqued, the sound was gone. I can stand and hammer, sit and grind, silence! I do not know your frame though, looks like your dropouts are not bolted on? It does prove to me the noise can be coming from elsewhere. Good luck!

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by smck

Been busy over the weekend but I've been going steadily through the different possibilities. Haven't changed the der. hanger yet but I will now I think, thanks for the heads-up.

Re. the front end, like I said before I recently cut down the steerer tube and dropped the stem and the ticking was there pre- and post- rebuild. So I don't think it is from that area. I may regrease the steerer tube though, just to make sure.
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by Wcl4

Is it a clicking sound or a creaking noise? Is it speed related (is the noise cycle shorter as you pedal or the as the wheel rotates at higher speed)? Does it only happen when your crank is at the 12 position? Can you duplicate the sound on a repetitive basis? I've had clicking noises come from improperly glued tires (some separation), a valve head hitting against the carbon rim, wave washer being too flat in the BB cup, and seatpost that needed some carbon paste.

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