Romin Evo Pro squeek

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by ironman1

Bought a new romin evo pro to replace my Fizik alante. Was pleasantly surprised at the comfort but after several hunded miles developed a sqeek with every pedal stroke that was gettin louder and louder. I called specialized and they said send it in and they would replace if found faulty. (I explained that I purchased it on internet from Specialized dealer) Recieved new saddle and after a couple hundred miles the new one sqeeks worse than the old one. The sqeek is coming from where the rear rails insert. I sprayed some silicone spray where the rails insert which is apparently the wrong thing to do for now EVERY pedal stroke you hear a LOUD cracking sound from the rail, much worse than before...... I think the silicone must have losened the adhesive. Anyway long story short has anyone else experienced this problem with these saddles?

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by Werdna

I have seen this happen with many Specialized saddles,
most of the time I will drip some tri-flo into the slots where the rails are inserted and it takes care of it.

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by NWSAlpine

The epoxy came loose on my evo pro in the front. I pulled it out and re-did the epoxy in all the holes. I used the same stuff I use on all my golf clubs but any 5 min devcon or gorilla 2 part epoxy will do. Will hold much better than the stock stuff they use. Saddle has been perfect ever since.

make sure to sand the surface lightly and clean with rubbing alcohol before applying the epoxy.

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by boots2000

Get it replaced under warranty. Every time I have had an issue with a Specialized saddle they have happily replaced it.

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by 103

I've owned three Romin Comp's and all of them eventually started creaking. Love the comfort in the saddle but I'm about to start searching for something new which doesn't make noise.

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by Nismo4x4

Just got the evo pro last week with the new carbon rail adapter for the Specialized single bolt seatposts. No squeaks whatsoever nor did my old romin expert have any. Maybe your rail clamps need to be replaced?

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