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by Jwhelan939

I was just reading an awful posting about drilling wheels. It got me thinking. I remember seeing a MythBusters episode about golf balls. They determined that the dimples in the golfball actually allow the ball to cut through the air at a substantially more efficient level. Has anyone ever seen this theory appled to wheels? I would be curious to see if a set of dimpled rims could/would have any advantage over smooth rim. Just a thought.

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by Barko

It is right that the golfball will cut trough the air with a little less drag. That is a result of the turbulent Air flow which is longer in contact with the ball surface. This results in lower friction between the air and the ball!

You can check that under 'golfball dimples & drag' via google

Also check the zipp rims, which are slightly dimpled over the rim surface!!


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by Stolichnaya


This has been discussed a lot...

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by quattrings

Jwhelan939 wrote: Has anyone ever seen this theory appled to wheels?

have you been living under a rock or something :shock:

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by 2011

Ummmm.... ZIPP? That's been one of their biggest marketing ploys on their wheels for years and years now.

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by Lou3000

Anybody have any thoughts about using carbon fiber for bike frames? Airplanes use it, and it seems really lightweight.

Tug Boat
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by Tug Boat

I get thirsty on my rides. Any thoughts on how I can carry water with me?

Also, my bike has some holes in the downtube and seat tube. What are those for?

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by 4crosswheels

does anyone know how i can make pedaling easier? sometimes my legs spin too slow..

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by CarpetFibre

Washing at the base of your thumb more thoroughly! :smartass:

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by sawyer

Any views on whether it's possible to put a pad into cycling shorts to make them more comfy?
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by prendrefeu

Please, gentlemen, let's not turn this forum into the sh*thole that is BikeForums. Can we keep it dignified?

Maybe I'll be the first to offer a genuine response as opposed to the sarcastic ones. Perhaps you are new to the sport?.

As Stolichaya referred, there has been plenty of discussion for dimpled surfaces. Use the search function, there's lots of info and thoughts on the matter to sort through. As for a company that has been using dimpled surfaces for quite some time, take a look at ZIPP.

Everything else was a rather sarcastic remark. Funny, sure, but since it's only the OP's 12th post I'm guessing this person is new to the sport and the equipment out there. Some of you other posters may want to take a look at the user's profile - they haven't heard of Powercordz either, so let's assume he/she is new to the sport and not be so harsh on them.
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by Jwhelan939

Thank you prendrefeu. I am new to riding. I thought forums were a place for people to go and learn things. It was a simple question. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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by CarpetFibre

Thanks Predrefeu, good post. And I apologise for my comment that really didn't add anything at all.

Seriously though, other than wheels, I've only ever seen dimples feature on skinsuits - is it something that most manufacturers feel is too time/money consuming to go into or is it just Zipp's marketing gimmick?

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by xjbaylor

If the value of the dimples was that great (in the case of wheels, we know it applies to golf balls) I highly doubt that Zipp would cover 1/3rd of the dimples with a flat logo sticker. Just a thought.

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