Upgrade my bike from TCR carbon===>Scott CR1 Any suggesti

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by bobalou

Seems to me TCR 0's are very popular on this website! And I understand why .. I've got one also and love it (Yet mine is a full 2 lb's heavier then yours - but still under 15lbs). I don't know much about Scott's but if it's only to save 100 grams or less (on a 12.66 lb bike :!: ) it doesn't make sense .. consider ride and fit as part of your equation. Unless you're just trying to outdo most of the human race, at least on this website. :wink: I'd say you're succeeding in that so far.

Very nice bike, I'm envous. Looks like you have the cat brakes. Are you planning on the AX lightness brakes at some time in the future?


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by Velocity

Superlite wrote:Upgrade to 04 DA, you'll save another 50-80g

There are only 3 pieces of DA 7700 on my bike.
I think upgrade to DA04 not help much.
Here are my lightest set up (with TUNE skyline wheel)
A-head cap, bolt & plug: GIANT custom (Modified) 31
Bottle Cage: TUNE 4.5
Bottle Cage bolts: TUNE 4.5
Bottom Bracket: TUNE AC 38 148
Brake Levers: N/A 0
Brakes: C.A.T USA Ti 0.1 203
Cables: NOKON for Brake cable/ GORE Ultralight for Derlr 120
Cable guide & bolt: GIANT 4
Cassette: RECON Aluminum CNC 12-23 (Inc SRP lock ring) 112
Chain: YBN hollow pin 262
Crankset: 0
*Crankarms: Strock Power Arms 172.5mm 320
*Chain rings: Stronglight 53-39 155
*Chainring bolts: SRP 10
*Crank fixing bolts: TUNE Ti(for AC 38 BB) 27
Computer: N/A 0
Derlr (Front): DURA ACE FD 7700 (with Ti Clamp bolt) 71
Derlr (Rear): DURA ACE RD 7700 (Modify with SRP parts) 188
Fork: Giant Full carbon 350
Frame: GIANT TCR carbon (Medium) 1010
Handlebar: Wing-shape Full carbon(Prototype from TAIWAN) 195
Handlebar tape: Taiwanese GEL 38
Headset: FSA custom for GIANT 66
Headset Spacers: Carbon 15mm 9
Pedals: TIME IMPACT MAG-Ti 240
Quick Releases: TUNE AC 14 52
Seat Binder: Giant custom 21
Seat: TUNE Speeneedle 94
Seatpost: Giant carbon (Cut) 172
Shifters: DURA ACE ST 7700 (with Ti Clamp bolts) 385
Stem: Giant Full carbon 105mm 138
Tire (Front) Vittoria crono CS 28" 18 135
Tire (Rear): Vittoria crono CS 28" 18 135
Tubes: 0
Wheelset: TUNE Skyline (18/28) 1014
*Hubs (f/r): 0
*Rims (f/r): 0
*Spokes: 0
*Nipples: 0

Total 5714 Grams
12.59 Pounds

Thanks again for everybody comment
Buy it, If you like it.
Your money.
Your decission.

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by Superlite

What do you ride for every day training?

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by Velocity

Sometime I use JAMIS NOVA cyclocross bike for training.
Its fun to ride.
and i have another set of standard wheel for normal ride.

TUNE SKYLINE and LIGHTWEIGHT is for competition only.
Buy it, If you like it.
Your money.
Your decission.

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by KB

I agree with Bobalou's statement regarding functionality. Comfort is very important. This is a super light bike, but I could imagine riding it all day without a wince; it doesn't compromise comfort or safety. The only thing I would change is the saddle.

I was dubious about riding a TCR because I didn't think it would be of sufficient quality and too mass market. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's a revelation.

Can't wait to see the TCR04 because we're told it will be lighter, and presumably as comfortable as my present steed: well have already started drooling!!

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by spytech

KB wrote:They are not on the Tufo site. The one's on their site are 190g (cannot remember the name). Poshbikes got them for me and said they were a special tyre made for them, hence the 160g. I think they are a good tyre. Used them in the rain and grit on roads and they handled well. 700 x21 I think. They do some others at 120g or less, but I wouldn't use them that light. Before that I was using some Vittoria's, but the Tufo are better quality, although the Tufo's are much more expensive. I paid Pounds 40 per tyre.

Sorry I can't give you all the technical stuff on it, so you should contact Andy at Poshbikes.

the 160 gram tubular tires are elite jet, which i was considering on getting, but considering mileage i went with regular elite. Both 440 TPI
jet elite.JPG

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by ks04us

Hey VeloCity, try going to the Schmolke and go to small parts. They have some cool stuff that could save you maybe 50-100grams. Also some Campy's stuff is alittle lighter, like their shifters (if you like their comfort style) and I've heard the Tiso deraileur is the lightest out there, I don't know how good it is but. Also you could save weight on the seatpost, you could get one from either Ax-Lightness or Schmolke, they're pretty much the same but they do custom size so you don't have any extra material. You could even get that really cool seatpost/saddle combo, that could probably save you 50grams. I think all this would be cheaper than buying a new frame, well, unless you can get an awsome deal from your friend. Well whatever I just thought I'd share what little I know.

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by manny

Don't get the tiso cassette unless you are going to use it just for racing. It won't last as an everyday cassette. I also believe that they now have started using steel for the small rings, 13 and under, instead of titanium as advertised on their site, so the weight has gone up slightly.

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by KB

Manny's comments are borne out by one of my contacts. I enquired about the TISO cassette. He said he would not stock them because they are too unreliable. He said I should use the Campag titanium cassette as it was bombproof and very light. He said the TISO was something you do to hang on a wall rather than ride on it, i.e., great for weight saving but impractical.

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