Painting Cannondale hollowgram SL

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by KB

As that cheeky boy BeeBee30 said, i'm no expert in cyberspace: the same applies to tech. I think I have some good ideas, but i'm afraid I have to get other to do it for me.

From memory there was no sanding etc; the cranks were just sent to the anodisers and sent back once he'd got the wonga.

by Weenie

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by tranzformer

BeeBee30 wrote:Here is a set of standard Si's KB had anodised for me, extremely durable finish and have had zero issues with the cranks at all.

So I called Cannondale today and asked what they thought about refinishing a set of Hollowgram crank arms. Guy placed me on hold, came back on after a little bit and said that the warranty manager recommended against it because of safety reasons and warranty being denied...bla...bla..blac. But then concluded saying that powder coating might be the best option. I found that interesting as I thought that might place the most stress on the adhesive they used to bond the two halves. Wouldn't anodizing be safer?

When you guys did your cranks, I assume you removed the spider right and just sent the two crank arms only to the shop?

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by Nebby

I think the fear with anodizing is that the chemicals involved in prepping and anodizing might affect the adhesive used to bond the parts. With powder coating the only concern would be the heat, when they cure the part at about 200C for 10 minutes or so which is possibly less harmful to the adhesive than the chemicals used for anodizing.

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by sharkman

Good thing about older posts is one gets more focused at parts that went through the discussed refinishing proces. I would definitely skip the anodizing proces. It can be done (in the meantime I had one done myself and all looks fine) but the part is too expensive to be ruined and I also saw an SI that came out with a partly cracked epoxy weld.
I recently plastidipped a crankset which looked quite good but needs a new layer every now and then (but is cheap and costs about 1 hour of work) I also sprayed another black with 2k matte black which is holding fine after 7 months (due to the clear protection film/wrap i put on the front of the crankarms.

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