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by markieta

Before taking the plunge I had spent days scouring the internet for pictures. I am not sure if there are other like myself, but I would have wished there was more eye candy out there to peak at while waiting for the wheels to arrive!

Any thoughts on some tubulars for these guys? I live in Toronto and the roads are a mix of very good and moderately bad... I have had good experience with my Continental Attack/Force combo clinchers but continue to read that the Conti Sprinters are sub-par ride quality for tubulars.

Anyways, on to the photos!! If anyone wants more views of something in particular... just give me a shout!

SES (Smart Enve System) 6.7 by Michael Markieta, on Flickr

SES (Smart Enve System) 6.7 by Michael Markieta, on Flickr

SES (Smart Enve System) 6.7 by Michael Markieta, on Flickr

SES (Smart Enve System) 6.7 by Michael Markieta, on Flickr

SES (Smart Enve System) 6.7 by Michael Markieta, on Flickr

SES (Smart Enve System) 6.7 by Michael Markieta, on Flickr

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by refthimos

I have those exact wheels. I run 23mm Contintental GP4000S tubulars - they work great. There are those that will tell you that it is a travesty to run a butyl tubular due to increased rolling resistance, but I find the 6.7s with Contis are plenty fast and it's kinda nice not having the tires go soft after every ride.

I think you will love these wheels - I certainly don't want to rain on your parade, and YMMV, but I am not a huge fan of the DT 240s hubs and am planning on having mine rebuilt around Alchemy Elf/Orc hubs - IMHO the best all-around hubs out there. But really, the wheels are really amazing even on the DT hubs.
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by wetpaint

There's nothing wrong with Sprinters, I have Vittoria Evo CX tires on my tubulars now, I ran sprinters before and have sprinters to go on when the Vittorias wear out. They both ride the same to me. The Sprinter are very durable and still ride well.

ome rodriguez
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by ome rodriguez

the weight?

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by Geoff

If you want to stick with Conti, your 'area' will be fine for Conti Competitions.

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

Looks like a pretty sweet build. I will admit those aren't my favorite hubs, but that is a great hoop. They almost feel as if they stabilize and become more predictable in crosswinds.

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by alibongo

I've raced mine about 6 times now and they are great wheels, however I'm finding the front wheel is out of true again (2nd time). This is a problem as the tub needs to be removed each time?!?

Has anyone else had problems?
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by SWijland

Don't you just love internal nipples :wink:

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by sugarkane

I'm ordering a pair laced up to alchemy hubs. Yours look great!

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by tharmor

The wheelbuilder at Fairwheel has a Flickr account. They post regularly to it and often times it's of Enve wheels ::


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by fuzzalow

I am not trying to be a kill-joy here about these wheels, but I see something that is not quite right about the way that the rear wheel is laced (5th pic from the top). Perhaps I am seeing this wrong because of the photo angle.

The pulling spokes for each side are both laced so the spoke heads for each side are both facing the NDS of the hub rather than being mirror images of each other i.e. both NDS & DS spoke heads facing either the inside of the hub flange (if heads in) or outside (if heads out). Am I seeing this right?

If this is a new way to lace then I am just behind the current technique.

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by thisisatest

it is laced, as you said, identically, instead of mirror-image. it's not technically wrong (i dont prefer it), the dish of the wheel likely skews less with this pattern as the pulling spokes are more similar in bracing angle. the builder may prioritize that.

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by TOflat

Another Torontonian! I've been running 23C GP4000 tubulars on a set of FFWD F5R wheels, and 25C GP4000 clinchers on a set of Easton EA90 SLX wheels. I tried the Attack/Force combo a while ago and quite frankly don't notice much of a difference between that and running the two 25C tires front and back. I'd rather the cushion effect for the front on my longer rides in any case. Can't go wrong with Continental.

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