CAAD10 or Super Six?

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by KH1

SuperSix is not harsh. Go ride a Gallium Pro. Then you will understand what a stiff bike can do to your pride and fillings......
You will enjoy a SS more than a CAAD. Agree with the above comment re 105 as well.
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CAAD9 6.78Kg
Supersix 6.78Kg

by Weenie

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by lovinglifetx

I'm not sure if anyone is still posting to this thread, but I would appreciate the same help. I'm trying to decide between several bikes. First, a CAAD10 105's (not stock, it has lighter rims, better seat, and carbon seat post and is about half a lb lighter than stock) priced at $1,399. Second, a CAAD10 Ultegra (1/4th lb lighter than previously mentioned 105 and stock) at $1,899. Third, a 2011 Marin Stelvio (carbon, full Ultegra, and lighter than all the above) at $1,500. Fourth, a SuperSix 105 (stock which I haven't rode) at $1,827. The reason I'm buying a new bike is because my current set up is too small (2005 Giant TCR Aero One). Initially all of the above bikes felt big to me but only because I've been on a bike which is too small. I did notice on the CAAD 10 4 it felt more comfy than the CAAD 10 3. Once I had them switch out the seats between the two the problem solved itself. I think the slight added cushion on the seat made the difference. This leads me to believe the better the shock absorbed by the bike the better I will feel. I'm just getting into road biking and want a pretty good versatile bike with good components, comfy, priced reasonable, and will last me a good while. Your recommendations are appreciated!

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by Ahillock

petal666 wrote:I have both a CAAD10 and Supersix no-mod. Both are decked out in identical gear, Di2, Ritchey bars, stem and seatpost, Arione CX, same wheels and tires. I use the CAAD everyday and the Supersix for races only.

I find them both very stiff, neither 'harsh', but the Supersix a little more compliant. Both are cheap frames, but I prefer to train and bash around on Al rather than carbon.

I realize this is an old thread, but curious by this statement. I would have thought you would have raced on your aluminum frame and kept the carbon for your long rides. But maybe your team is sponsored and the carbon frame replacement cost isn't as great for you?

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by justkeepedaling

So the bike shop near me is having a closeout sale. I can the CAAD 10-5 for 1199, or the Supersix 5 for 1650. Any suggestions on difference in weight, ride character, stiffness?

I've ridden a CAAD9 before and liked it a lot, but have a little itch for carbon. Not sure if the standard supersix is worth it though

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by mellowJohnny

Will they let you ride them? A back to back test ride will likely give you your answer - and not a wee ride around the parking lot, wear what you ride in and take it for a good half hour or so. Find some rough pavement to ride them over, maybe a small climb to see how they behave.

Good luck!

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