Bianchi Infinito CV Ride Report

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by sethjs

Just did an extended test ride on an Infinito CV. Since it's supposed to dampen crap roads, I looked for as many as I could find. For those from the SF Bay Area, the route was Noe Valley to Tunnel Road, up Guadalupe Canyon and then Radio Road. Back via Hillside and Alemany. This route is a mix of really terrible roads, about 2500 ft of climbing and a fantastic descent with iffy pavement and sweeping turns. About 20 miles.

Net: I was blown away. I normally ride an RCA and Parlee Z5 SL. The Infinito really did soak up the broken pavement / chip seal / road imperfections. It didn't do as well on the biggest imperfections (read: decent sized potholes), but was still more absorbent than either of my other bikes.

Climbing was great - plenty stiff. Didn't experience undue wheel rub, etc. Didn't feel like it was robbing any power.

Descending was fantastic. Actually managed to snag a PR on the Radio Road descent. Extremely stable. No hint of lack of stiffness whipping around the turns, all the while soaking up enough of the roughness that it probably just increased my confidence to go that much faster.

The wife has imposed a 2 (road) bike limit - so the Parlee's probably out and the Infinito's likely coming in :)

From a pure comfort perspective, I've also spent a bunch of time on the new R5. I'd rank comfort, least to most, as Parlee --> RCA --> R5 --> Infinito. Each with a rather big jump between them.

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by rowdysluggins

Nice review and comparison. Seems like a great frame.

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by jeffsavans

Great review.
Can't wait til they do the Oltre CV. Already started saving for it.

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by Mr.Gib

I do like the sound of the Infinito. But my understanding is that it is quite heavy (1400 - 1500 grams plus for frame and fork). Interesting that you felt it stood up so well to your other bikes which are exceptionally light.

If one is considering an Infinito, should not one also consider a Synapse Hi Mod (certainly if weight is a factor). Would love to hear a side by side comparison of those two by a knowledgeable consumer such as yourself.
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by BRM

sethjs wrote:Just did an extended test ride on an Infinito CV.

Nice. :) Can you tell how the bike was built up? Which group, wheels , tires?

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by sethjs

Yup - was Ultegra mechanical with Zipp Firecrest 303 Tubulars on Veloflex Carbons. Aluminum FSA bar, Stem and Seatpost.

I didn't weigh the bike - definitely heavier than any of my other bikes, but once I put the Zipps on it was a heck of a lot better than the Fulcrum 5s it came with.

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