Campy UT Crank Cult Bearings - Replace or just re-grease.

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by JWolf

Just re-installed my Campy BB30 Cups with loctitie and installed a brand new set of SR UT 52-36 TI cranks. The bike is an IMPEC, which does not have a drain hole in the BB. It does have a few openings, so water will get in, and eventually get out or evaporate.

While looking a the very slick Campy CULT bearings on the cranks, I was really wondering why they were not sealed. Keeping them open like that will probably make them spin faster for about the first 2 rides. After that, they will begin to get contaminated - especially since they are outside of the shell.

That said, I think Campy has made a mistake by not sealing them, and I am wondering what you guys think about replacing them with Enduro Zero Ceramic sealed bearings. I am running these bearings on both of my cervelo bottom brackets, and they are really working out very well.

Since the Zero's are sealed, aren't they going to last longer down there, and help keep the water out and the grease in?

Also, what grease would you guys use to re-grease the CULT bearings if I choose to eave them in.

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by sugarkane

Enduro zeros anr't even in the same league as the campag CULT bearings..

Don't touch em..
Your ment to oil the cult bearings every now and then only to stop the noise that they make when they are dry more than because they need it..

Water is basically zero issue for these bearings. Silicon nitride balls and stainless steel races...
Water is not much of an issue. Also there are seals between the crank arms and the bearings
Don't worry about em.. They are very nice bearings and some of the best and toughest you'll use in any crankset.
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by bm0p700f

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by 5 8 5

As sugarkane says just oil them periodically. You've got holes in the BB so any moisture can drain away.

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by sawyer

I found that moisture and dirt got to mine on the commuter bike that saw a fair bit of crap over winter, though it was on a non-BB30, english external cup frame.

Replaced with Enduro ceramic a few weeks ago as it happens.

On the other hand, if you ride CULT in good conditions they last and work well
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by fdegrove


CULT bearings do not even need sealing nor do they need any lubrication at all. The Cronitect treated cups and cones are not affected by grime, sand, salty sollutions or whatever.

That doesn't mean they're going to last forever but they should outlast any steel bearing for at least a number of times.
So, stop worrying and ride the darn things. :lol:

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by thisisatest

fdegrove and i respectfully disagree with the need to seal cult bearings.
so, IF you want to seal them anyway, instead of trying to replace the bearing cartridge with an inferior one, you can get some seals that go inside the bearing cup. they are included in the ultra-torque cups that are not for superrecord, and may be available separately.

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by sugarkane

I'f you install the record cups instead of SR cups you will get a set of seals..

The campag ceramics are in the same league as speed ceramics. Totally different world ( and cost ) to enduros

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by Chris*

You should contact BMC if You can make a hole into the BB.
Does the Impac need loctite to install the cups?


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by JWolf

I used 603 loctite

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Mattias Hellöre
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by Mattias Hellöre

Normally is greasing as maintenance, not solving seized bearings or rough going.

1. Is the bearings damp and rough going - ditch them.
2. Is the bearing running fine or a bit slow, regrease/relube them.

That´s my experience, regreasing or relubing seized bearings is rarely a good idea, as your power in legs cannot discover seized bearings before it´s too late and seized bearings DO gouge the BB axle or worser- the frame.
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