The "which bike to keep?" thread

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Ragamuffin

Hoping to get some opinions on this matter as I really can't decide!

So right now I have two road bikes (described below) that are both meant to be used as race machines. Ideally, I would like to parse down to one steed. In terms of myself as a rider, I'm short (5'4") at 140lbs (the extra bit of weight is actually from muscle and not putting on some extra pounds in the gut). I'm pretty much an all arounder - at least top 25% of my field as a Cat3 for climbs, TTs, sprints, etc, but for the most part, climb better than anything else.

Now I'm not opposed to keeping both bikes, but I'm looking to shrink my collection and minimize overlap between bike uses.

Bike 1:

Cervelo R5
Campy Mix (Chorus->SR)
Alpha 340 Wheels


This bike is currently unbuilt, but was previously ridden with Sram Red
Cervelo SLC-SL
Thinking about the new Ultegra Di2 and something deepish (40-50mm) for wheels
This bike would also be more of a project as I'd like to internalize the cables a bit more than the stock configuration and make it more aero and cleaner looking

Right now I'm considering selling the R5 to raise funds to build up the SLC-SL again. But every time I get back on the R5, I remember how fun it is to ride! Let me know if there's some other info I can provide people that might help with any suggestions, thanks in advance!

by Weenie

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by sawyer

Keep the R5 if it's better to ride
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by btompkins0112

Keep the R5

EDIT: You're an all-rounder, and your bike should be also.

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by 53x12

x3, keep the R5. It is the better fit for you and the riding you do.
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by kgt


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by fordred

You have already answered your own question.
Keep the one you prefer, R5.

For TTs, maybe can consider getting a proper TT machine rather than an aero road bike.

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by boots2000

Sell both- get a new S3.

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by toronto-rider

There is a reason why most (90%) of the Garmin team even Tylar Farar chose to ride the R5 over the S5.
I think the only people who ride the S5 on a regular basis is David M and Zabriski (excuse the spelling on the names)
I always found it funny that there top sprinter never rode the S5 except for a couple of stages in the TDF in 2011 or 2012 and then switched back to the R5.

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by seanblurr

hmmm r5. Love that bike. Can't comment on real world experience as I don't have either. I do, however, need to reach 50 posts so I can PM a seller.. tisk tisk
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by carbonLORD

Sell both. Try a different brand. Hey, you asked :)

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by mythical

I would keep your R5, put your nicest parts on it and try to get the most enjoyment out of it. When you race, it's good to have some cash on the side for when a parts needs to be replaced. Perhaps a wheelset for training would also be worthwhile if you don't have one already.

And carbonLORD, you know any different brand doesn't necessarily mean it'll be a better riding experience. :wink:
“I always find it amazing that a material can actually sell a product when it’s really the engineering that creates and dictates how well that material will behave or perform.” — Chuck Teixeira
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by carbonLORD

mythical wrote:And carbonLORD, you know any different brand doesn't necessarily mean it'll be a better riding experience. :wink:

Depends on the bike. ;)

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by justkeepedaling

Oh yeah? Which bike

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by jdawsoner

I would keep the R5, maybe put better parts. Sell the other one and you will have yourself some cash for unexpected expenses.

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by slick1

Hi all,
just after some thoughts about which bike i should keep out of the 2. the story goes like this..

I bought the Wilier Alpe D'Huez brand new with dura ace 9 speed and I found it to be a great bike. The frame is made out of aluminium and has carbon fork, carbon seat post and carbon rear stay. As time moved on, carbon bikes became the craze.

A mate of mine was sponsored by Merida so he could get me the Scultura 909 Flex stay very cheap. this bike is completely made out of carbon, including the handlepbars (FSA integrated - No adjustments can be made to the tilt of the handlebars or the stem length) This bike is equipped with10 Speed Dura ace group set.

I sold my Wilier to a mate who barely rides but the Merida has been a bike which i haven't been to be completey comfortable on. I know I know, I shouldn't of bought it. :noidea:

Now what im thinking is to swap bikes with my mate which I think he would do. :beerchug:

What are your thoughts about that? Am I better off keeping the Merida seeing as though it is equipped with 10 speed Dura Ace or should I get he Wilier back? I can put the wheels which are currently on the Merida (Fulcrum R1) on the Wilier if i get it back. Are there any other parts worth swapping over. My mate wont mind seeing as though he would ride about 300km per year. Thats right, 300km, Not many at all.

I'll attach a picture of the 2 bikes when i work out how to

What are your thoughts?????

by Weenie

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