11 sp Chorus shifters with 10 sp cassette a JTEK SUCCES!

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by ultraman6970

That's because you did the set up wrong.

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by bally81

Older thread -but still

Will a campy 11s chorus ergo and a campy 11s RD shift properly with a 10s campy cassette and 10s chain, does anyone know that ? :noidea:
It seems that this combo has not been discussed yet.
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by HammerTime2

That combo has been discussed. Indeed, it was the original subject of this thread.
HammerTime2 wrote:ShiftMate model #2 http://jtekengineering.com/shiftmate.php. Campagnolo 11 speed shifter + Campagnolo derailleur + Campagnolo 10 speed cassette.

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by bally81

Could I also replace the 11s indexing gear in the ergos with a 10s ?

That would be the 10s indexing gear:
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by headwind816

I am going on a tangent within this thread, but my search (maybe wrong use of terms) did not yield any returns.

I want to use Campagnolo shifters on my cyclocross bike, but I want to minimize my expenses and would like to continue using my cassettes and wheels (all of which are Shimano/SRAM compatible). I found several reports on the internet claiming excellent results using Campagnolo shifters with SRAM rear derailleurs including a 2008 Zinn article (http://velonews.competitor.com/2008/03/ ... -not_73404) and a March 2013 using previous generation Chorus with a Red RD. I would like to know if anyone on this forum has tried this and what was the result?

Also, I read that Campagnolo 10-speed works well with 9-speed Shimano, which made me wonder if Campagnolo 11-speed would work well with Shimano 10-speed. Anyone have thoughts and/or experiences with this set up? I wish I had all the parts around to test my own hypotheses, but I do not and hope the members here can provide their experiences.


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by WMW

I don't know about SRAM but the C11 shifters and derailleur would be close with an S10 cassette. If you have a Shimano derailleur C11 shifts S9 perfectly (that's what I'm running).

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