Where to get BB spacers for PF30?

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by elviento

I remember seeing it before, but for the life of me, I just can't seem to pull it up in a search.

So, I have Campy UT cranks on a bike w PF30 shells, using Campy adaptor cups. However, because the BB shell is 67.XXmm while the crank arms allow for up to 69mm of BB shell, one of the adaptor cups has worked its way out by around 1.5mm. Crank arms are properly tightened. Tapping in the cup is a fix only for a couple hundred miles.

If I am not mistaken, I just need to track down some thin spacers with OD of 46mm, to be placed between the ND cup and the frame BB shell. Where can one get these?

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by bikerjulio

It seems as though you are expecting that the UT crank and bearings job is to hold the cups in place.

Wrong. Very wrong.

If the BB shell width is within spec (68 +/- 0.8), then the answer is loctite on the cups. I have not needed to this personally, but there's threads discussing the issue.
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