Trek SC 9.9 Color Help!

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by shoopdawoop

Hey friends, I'm getting a new bike frame and I can get all kinds of crazy colors on it. I'm stupid and can't make decisions on my own so I want you guys to help me. Here is a link to the configurer for the bike. What should I get? I'll be kitting it up with my 2011 SRAM Red Black stuff off of my "old" (lol can't help but laugh calling my 6 month old bike old). It will have the quarq and 808s as well, maybe a 900 disc once I get my profit sharing check at the end of year (the company I work for rocks and shares all the profits with us lowly machinists)! ... concept99/

I just started racing this year and have gotten really in to time trialing and won my category at the state TT! I'm going to try and qualify to go to U-23 nationals next year and want a fancy bike to ride; and was thinking red, white and blue for a few reasons. I was born on the 4th of July and I think that me and a few friends are going to try and put together a team Ohio type deal for the nationals and I think that it will match my kit really well (my real team has a black, blue and red kit so it would match that one as well). I'm just wondering if it is in bad taste to make a red, white and blue bike even though I'm not a national champion? Also what is the best way to do it? Predominantly white with red and blue accents or what?

I'm also open to any cool color option you can come up with! So let it rip WW's, post any combo you like :beerchug:

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by prendrefeu

Just two quick options for now. The TREK "Signature" system is actually very limiting, which I found both surprising in how limited it is and frankly very disappointing. I understand that there are certain panels for colour, but that some panels are limited to two or three colour options is frustrating. I did my best in the 10 minutes I offered myself for "free" work for a fellow WW. :thumbup:


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by tonytourist

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by Guyeclipse

Red and blue.JPG
Hi, I tried a few out, and too found the range limiting. Here is my best few shots. I personally, like the blue, even though I very rarely like blue, and I think the blue and red looks dicky. But have fun configuring! :)

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