Specialized Tarmac vs Cannondale Caad 12

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by marcello

Hey weenies,

If you've got to choose between a Tarmac or a Caad 12, wich one is your favorite?

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by dudemanppl

Tarmac easily. Carbon is just better.

by Weenie

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by CanadianBiker

I've been riding a Tarmac S-Works for the last week and I own a Synapse (I rode a Caad 10 for a while also). I have to say I am blown away with how comfortable and fast the ride feels like on the Tarmac. I'm a huge fan... I would go Tarmac
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by KWalker

Haven't ridden the 12, but have ridden an Expert level Tarmac and own an S-Works. The Expert felt the same as my S-Works. I'd buy it over the CAAD any day unless the geo was better on the CAAD in a given size.

I owned several CAAD10s in several sizes and the two are not even close.
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by marcello

Oke, that's clear :-)

Thanx all!

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by garlet

I recommend Specialized Tarmac. because carbon is better then alloy

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by vejnemojnen

garlet wrote:I recommend Specialized Tarmac. because carbon is better then alloy

At the best it is better than alloy. :) Certainly not better then.

I would go with the carbon frame, but make sure you check the geometries of the frames as well. Caad12 is more of a classic-line, with only a sightly sloping top tube, and a mid-length head tube.

Make sure the frame fits, and, if you find the geo of the tarmac pleasing, get that. I :thumbup:

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by gmboy

If I were you, I' gonna buy Specialized Tarmac. It's carbon and all round type frame.

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by stormur

And on Tarmac paint won't peel off of the frame just looking at it :mrgreen:
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by djel

I would say the CAAD12 Ultegra unless you don't have a budget limit.

2016 Tarmac Comp 8.24kg ~3k$ (in Ultegra mech.)
2016 Tarmac Expert 7.2kg ~4k$ (in Ultegra mech.)

The CAAD12 Ultegra is 7.49kg and is ~2.5k$.

750g penalty for 500$+ but you're getting the 4th tier (?) in the lineup (Sworks, Pro race, Expert, Comp...). You can then put the 500$ toward new wheels, power meter, etc.

I've never ridden a Tarmac but I'm not sure the price difference is actually worth it.

If you don't look at the price I'm sure the Expert is a much better frame.

***all prices in CAD sue me

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by DavidMLee

Tarmac might be better unless you prefer alu frameset.
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by treetrees

carbon isn't all it cracked up to be , as I said in one of my posts . Took out a giant tcr advanced pro2 and it felt slow and felt like I had to put more effort in to keep it at a constant speed yes it felt smoother but just did nothing for me , but I am going back with my bike to do a comparison 2 bikes same wheels to see if I can figure out why it felt like it did . I ride a caad10 by the way oh and a caad8 which im selling .

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by treetrees

Make sure you try before you buy , specialized in Bristol would not let me test ride so I told them point blank no test ride no buy . where as Giant in Bristol were absolutely brilliant nothing was too much trouble and there was no pressure to buy it.

by Weenie

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