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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by tonytourist

JWolf wrote:NPlus, my first high end bike - about 25 years ago was a Bianch and I loved it.

He's saying his first high end bike 25 years ago was a Bianchi and he wants another one :!:

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by prendrefeu

:lol: :lol: :lol: :oops:
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by Weenie

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by JWolf

Correct. My first nice bike was a Celeste Bianchi.

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by HammerTime2

JWolf wrote:Plus, my first high end bike - about 25 years ago was a Bianch and I loved it.
Do current Bianchis have anything in common with those of 25 years ago, other than the name, logo, and color (in the case of Celeste)?

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by JWolf

Not much. My last Bianchi was Aluminum I believe. Maybe steel. Don't remember.

They just have a similar look. But u can say that about most major brands. In the end most of the major brands make good bikes IMO, and most of them are made in Asia, and painted to look a certain way - all are very similar except for the few unique frames.

Too bad - the old steel bikes were very pretty and detailed - and different. I remember when a De Rosa really had hearts in the metal - not just heart stickers on the frame. Now we detail bikes with logos and paint - not cool lugs or chrome work. Just paint and logos.

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by kgt

I find current Bianchis really well made with a nice attention to detail. At least better than many other frames at their price.

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by jon123

OP has an R5CA but it's a super light build and not the most comfortable thing to ride all day long. I like the bike a lot - much more than the S5 - even though I'm faster on the S5 and the Di2 is slick. But I want a couple of things out of the z1. First, I want to build a comfortable bike without the compromises of a super light build. For example, on the CA I am using THM Fibula brakes. Not the strongest brakes or best brakes around. But very good for the idea behind the CA. Super light, and they make the bike stop. That said, Super record and dura ace brakes are much much better - but also weigh about twice as much. I also really like the Campy UT cranks - and cannot put them on my CA - even if I was willing to accept the weight penalty.Tragus

Second, I want a nice custom paint job. Thinking "superman" look for the bike. Not because I think I am superman, but I am a big fan of the idea of superman. Have always been since I was a kid.
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Third, i like the idea of a custom bike project for the next couple of months. Enjoy doing the research on the build.

That all said, when I stopped riding most top tubes were straight, now most are sloped. My thinking was "why?". Even the cost is no object R5CA has a sloped top tube. They changed everything else, but kept the slope. So, I was wondering if there was a compelling reason, or just an industry shift. I haven't asked cervelo the question, and am curious why they kept the slope. I may ask them next time I speak with them just to get their reason. It's pretty clear to me that on this bike they could have done anything they wanted. That said, maybe they kept it because all of their other stuff is sloped.

But, all, thanks for all the great feedback.

Nice one!
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by basilic

JWolf, I also like a bit of slope, say 4-5 deg (not 8-10), especially if the TT aligns with the stem (-12 deg).

Please someone enlighten me: I never understood the argument that sloping frames would reduce the number of sizes to fit most people. The relevant dimension is thr effective TT; whether the HT and ST are connected by a horizontal or a sloping TT is immaterial. You can fiddle with seatpost setback, saddle height, stem length, spacers, whther it's a classic or a sloper.
I note that even RS says "thought to be", not "is".

Btw Giant didn't invent the sloping TT. Lots of bikes from 1890-1930 had that.

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