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by dierix

my saddle makes somtimes a cracking noise, I'm well below the weight limit and I don't feel any flex. Upon inspection I can't find any flaws? Any ideas? thanks

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by konky

My AX1000 saddle makes a bit of noise if it's not tightly/properly secured to the seat post.

by Weenie

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by mnmasotto

I have two (2) of these seats. I love them! They only make noise when the seat post clamps are loose. Does the seat post cradle fit the seat rails correctly? With the correct seat post torque and proper fitting seat post cradle mine have never made any noise. P.S. I weight 175 lbs.

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by sungod

which seatpost?

try a bit of tacx/similar assembly compound on the rails where the clamp makes contact, even slight movement between parts can make a disproportionately loud cracking sound that resonates through the saddle or frame

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