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by jaredfontaine2002

Does anyone know how to get the replacement carbon blade for the Keo Carbon Blades? Mind broke. Also how much does it weigh?

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by Doolop

Was it your fault? If no...

Warranty it, don't spend money on a replacement. If its out of warranty, push it until they give you a new spring.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Go to a bike shop that is a Look dealer? :noidea:
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by stella-azzurra

I wonder why those would break. :noidea: :smartass:
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by wingguy

trilocus wrote:you can buy it as spare part ... OOKPEDZ330" onclick=";return false;

But can you then fit it without the proprietary tool that only distributors have?

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by superleggera

Your local bike shop will have to send it in to Look. I think they charge $20 or so for installation.

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by thisisatest

Ive replaced (swapped) blades without any special tools. All i did was remove the hinge pin for the rear "door". Personally i cant see what a special tool would do, its so easy to get the pin out.

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by silvercivic27

I've broken mine 3 times in two years. Sent back to look under warranty all 3 times. I personally think it's a poor design for this reason and have gone back to Keo Max Carbon on all my bikes. I have the blades as backups but doubt I'll ever use them, since the Keo Max 2s are pretty much bulletproof.

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by Dcgriz

You send it to the Look distributor in CA along with $25 and they do it for you. The catch is you can't send it if you are not an authorized dealer.

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