New Sram Red Cassette squeaks?

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by thatdkid

Has anyone else notice the squeak that is caused by the rubber inserts in the new Sram Red Cassette?

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by RichTheRoadie


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by sungod

mine's squeak free too

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by NWSAlpine

That would drive me nuts.

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by prendrefeu

Cassettes wouldn't squeak, ever: they don't have moving parts. The whole part moves!

Have you:
-lubed your chain?
-applied a little graphite powder between the cassette and the freehub?
-checked to see if the sound is coming from your rear hub?
-checked your derailleur's jockey wheels?
-considered that the squeak is coming from a small (possibly cute) mouse which has made preference to get a free ride by riding atop your rear derailleur, but squeaks in utter fear every time you shift?
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by sungod

only one possible explanation...


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by NiFTY

Has anybody removed the elastomers front the cassette?
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I did on all three I have, did not notice any noise differance, WAY easier to clean as the rubber doesn't hold the dirt in any more, also 6 grams lighter.
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