Front wheel not centered in fork

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by Greenduck


Earlier today I disassembled my headset and took out the fork to clean and re-lube the headset. When I reassembled everything again I noticed my front wheel is not 100% centered in the fork. Looking from the front the rim is closer to the left leg of the fork. Not much, maybe 2mm.

I tried to flit the wheel but it still sits off center towards the left side. The wheel looks to be true when spinning as the distance to the brake pads are the same when spinning. I also made sure the wheel sits properly in the dropouts and that the headset is properly assembled. The wheels are Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL. I don't have another wheelset to test.

It has probably been like this since I got the bike and I've never noticed this before and neither have I noticed it on the road when riding.

Is it an issue I should persue with a solution or should I just let it be when it doesn't affect the riding/handling?

Regards, Jakob
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by em3

Two things, first, make sure your fork tips are properly aligned. If steel dropouts then they could easily b cold set with proper tools and a mechanic that knows what he is doing. If your r riding a carbon fork then you will not be able to cold set the dropouts. Second, check the dish on ur wheel ( the more likely issue)....even factory built wheels could have dish issues. EM3

by Weenie

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