Looking for inexpensive/cheap aluminum frame.

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by CerveloBert

I have now upgraded all my components on my Cervelo S2 to a point where I'm very satisfied with my bike. Since I am now the proud owner of a Full 2011 Rival Group, I was thinking it's a great time to purchase and build a bike up with some used components. I saw this frame/fork combo on ebay and I'm curious as to what other users think about it or if anyone has built anything or rode on this frame.

no ebay links

My first thought is that isn't 51cm a bit small for something to be called a LARGE? Why is it so cheap? I'm very open to other types of suggestions for this bike as I plan to be riding this one in bad weather and for those insane weekly criteriums where people crash all the time.

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by justkeepedaling

Origin 8 is shit. Just browse craigslist for a CAAD 9 frameset or Specialized Allez

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by CerveloBert

Craigslist has been depressing as of late. All I see are fixie bikes that are being sold for 300-600 bucks, and the same guys are trying to sell them every day. Very difficult to see a decent frame out here.

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by Monkeyboy3333

planet x alu?

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by HillRPete

I have ridden one of those for 5 or 6 years before a crack appeared near the BB.

Considering the price I have to say it was worth it.
Have you checked Planet X (never used any, but the internet seems to think they are ok).

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by Cheers!

try pinkbike.com and keep an eye out for a Cervelo Soloist aluminum frame.

That way the geometries are matched between a training bike and race bike.

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by SWijland

Not sure where you are from, but I came across a very nice Giant TCR frame (1200grams). The paint has been removed and it has been powder coated clear. It is a size large and costs only 150 eur.

www.2dehands.be/fietsen/fietsen/racefie ... 62655.html

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by bones

What about getting a Nashbar or Performance cheapie aluminim frame?

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by Leviathan

+1 for the planet x team Alu
Cheap & shiny!

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by CerveloBert

Thanks for the pinkbike link - I guess that's just one of those opportunity purchase sites like eBay.

I looked through the Planet X site and saw some decently rated frames and forks for a total of $407.00 with shipping. Not a bad price considering it's brand new. Anybody have any experience with the Planet X Team Aluminum Frame? Online reviews tend to favor this as a nice second bike to have in the stable.

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by prendrefeu

A few other suggestions:

-Go with a custom Tsunami. It will run you ~$600 US (paint incl)... better than the usual CAAD, full custom to your spec.
-You may be surprised, but the cheapo-frames from Nashbar are actually quite good. $100 can get you a frame with integrated headset, $75 traditional, $199 with carbon seatstays. I've seen them at races, certainly did not hold the racer back.
-Depending on what size you need, check the stocks over at BikeIsland. A "Motobecane Le Champion SL" can be had for $275 with full carbon fork and a front derailleur. Stuff sold at BikeIsland are usually extra stock from BikesDirect. Cheap? Yes. Quality? Often. This model in particular is ~1200g more or less... really not bad at all.
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by CerveloBert

I saw that Motobecane and it's exactly my size - So I'm definitely gravitating somewhere. 275 shipped is a steal.

giro di lento
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by giro di lento

Ribble in the UK also have a bunch of different cheap alu frames. Different geometries from the Planet-X one too - so that might give you some other options. There's also Tifosi, Kinesis and around this time of the year Chain Reaction and Wiggle seem to start knocking out some very aggressive deals to clear frame stocks too. If you're patient, it's a very good time of the year to start watching for bargains on the UK sites.

Good luck.
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by andyindo

I bought a 2nd hand Principia Rs6 Pro off a forum for about £180. Its an old frame but its superb. I prefer it to my recently sold Cannondale SuperSix.

At the time they were top notch Alu bikes raced by Pro level teams.

If you going for an Alu frame then make sure its a good frame, even if its a few years old. Caad8,9's can be had fairly cheap. Principias as well. Dont get a cruddy Alu frame.

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The Pro-Lite Cuneo frame can be had for $311 and looks fairly nice. A member has one in the gallery and his 52.5 frame weighed 1161 grams:

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