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old codger
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by old codger

I have managed to find somebody who can make Speedplay spindles out of Titanium but how do you dismantle them,I can get the plates off no problem and when you take the tiny screw out of the end nothing appears to be loose.
So my question is how do you get to the bare spindle ?.

Thanks for looking.

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by shimmeD

Titanium Spindles are great to deal with, and my set have given me zero issues for a couple of years. I will be ordering another set soon. There is another thread going that would benefit from this: buy the cheapest Zero and upgrade the spindles. But we may get into trouble for promoting this.
Roules Artisanales has a great article on disassembling Speedplay, and I could do it with limited mechanical ability and tools/toolshop. Second set, though had to be drilled out (but that was easy, and the cro-mo spindle was going to the poubelle in any case) as I stripped the screw even after heating with solder iron repeatedly and for ages.
Use Search on either this forum or the internet, easy as.
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by dereksmalls

Are you following the instruction sheet that comes with the pedals on how to remove the axle? It's not hard. You don't need to remove the bowties to remove the axle. On the Speedplay website there is the link to instructions on how to remove the axle here http://www.speedplay.com/pubs/instructions/ZERO_Pedal_System_Instruction.pdf

old codger
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by old codger

Cheers Derek,just what I'm after.

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by pdlpsher1

Thanks. I'll be doing the exact same swap very soon.

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by Dammit

Here's a guide I put together a while ago: https://www.lfgss.com/thread77731.html

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