dual-pivot light brakes?

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by inertianinja

I just took my Planet-X CNC brakes off my bike and switched back to the SRAM Red brakes.

Maybe it's me - maybe I'm incapable of following directions - but I could not get the PX brakes to stay centered. I received directions from Planet X, googled, read forum posts, fiddled with the grub screws and all of that. No matter what, the brakes would always be off center. The only way I could keep them from touching the rim was to open them very wide. I'm under the impression that this is a common challenge with single-pivot brakes.

So, for the future, can anyone recommend some dual-pivot light brakes that will be easier to set up?

by Weenie

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by jooo

Incorrect cable length?

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by inertianinja

jooo wrote:Incorrect cable length?

yes, i noticed that the cables were affecting the centering. but that has never happened with any dual-pivot brakes i've had.

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by btompkins0112

Yeah....definitely the cable pushing them off center. If you get the cable length right and get them centered they should stay put for a bit.....however, I switched to Ultegra calipers from zero gravity's for the same reason.

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by thprice

After a year of frustration, I have also moved from Planet-X CNC brakes for similar reasons ... always off centre, always adjusting.
I moved to KCNC C7 which are dual pivot.
The C6 look to be similar, just a bit heavier at a lower cost.

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by CharlesM

Interesting... I just got a pair, installed em in like 2 minutes and they've not rubbed at all.

I don't think it's single versus dual piv rather than proper set up... I've had dual pigs not want to stay centered when I set them up poorly as well...

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by Arky

You could have posted a picture of your instal for pointers?

Did you turn the black nut that contacts the frame?


by Weenie

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