2012 Hub Review

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by micky

Another great post from Jason!
Compliments and...grazie! :thumbup:

Phill P
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by Phill P

I forgot to thankyou for the update! The hub reviews and the crank reviews are awesome. Specially the crank reviews with the amount of effort you went into on the test rig.

Yes shame campy and shimano don't do lower spoke counts any more (so they don't loose wheel sales). I do think it would be good marketing to point out why you should spend more on some of the hubs you sell over a set of Taiwanese hubs. Small bearings/axles, lower bracing angles, thinner flanges etc. While we can lust after some CKs or extralites, a lot of people still opt to spend less (and get less) with Taiwanese hubs.

by Weenie

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by kavitator

Great article! :D

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by NiFTY

Excellent review - thanks for putting it together
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by jerade

What a bunch of informations! :shock: Thanks! Tired now, will read it tomorrow. :mrgreen:

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by danwerle

Like others have said, I really enjoy these reviews. Every time I read them I learn more and more about wheels. Many thanks to you, Troy, and Ron.

I do have one question: why weren't Dash hubs included?


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by thisisatest

i know theyre not sold aftermarket, but hub design can steer one person's wheelset purchase choice. what's your take on the Zipp 88/188 duo? how do they stack up?

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by Mackers

HammerTime2 wrote:
Phill P wrote:Yes shame campy and shimano don't do lower spoke counts any more (so they don't loose wheel sales).
Presumably, these are business decisions by the companies in an attempt to get you to buy their factory wheels instead of selling you low spoke count hubs which you get built into wheels. Whether these are profit maximizing decisions is another matter.

DA are still available in lower spoke counts.

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by Cheers!

how does the extralite MDX mountain rear hub with "front engagement" compare to road version? Is the engagement for the SLX/SPX when riding feel like Tune Mag170?

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by bm0p700f

That is a good review. good to know there is such considered opinion based on reason here.

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by mythical

Excellent writeup! It's very informative about all the factors that are to be considered with building a wheel and I particularly find the bracing angles useful as an indication of wheel stiffness comparison. :thumbup:
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