Anyone running 3t Tornova's and Campy?

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by Hapsmo911

Would like to know if anyone has used the the Tornova with Campy? Pictures would be great, and you opinion even better.

by Weenie

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by benzebub

sorry to bump this old thread, but I'm interested in this as well.. how is braking/shifting from the hoods on this bar?
But I could be wrong

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by Calnago

I've installed a set of Tornova Team Stealth bars on a friends bike with Campy mechanical. Feel and look is fine (I'll try to get a pic soon), BUT, if you are going mechanical I would strongly recommend going for the Pro version due solely to its external routing versus the internal routing of the Team version. Perhaps they modified it a bit since they first came out (hope so) but it was pretty near impossible to get the cables and housing properly routed internally with no binding. I ultimately did not even use the internal routing and taped them up externally. Personally I like a plain round tube next to the stem as it just feels better to hold in my opinion but others like the flatter top these days a lot too. Personal preference. I also like the ramp down before the hoods of a classic bend whereas these pretty much have a flat transition to the hoods, which is what my buddy prefers.
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by lobular

Take Calnago's advice....just recently set up 2015 Campy mech via Tornova LTD bars with internal routing....horrible, just horrible....and after the bars, cables were routed internally in the just don't stand a chance.

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by benzebub

thanks for the advice! I would buy the pro version since I prefer alloy bars so the internal routing is a non-issue for me. From the pictures I saw online I'm concerned that the distance between bar and brake/shifting levers might be too big to be comfortable?

right now I'm in between the Tornova and the Ritchey neoclassic, since I'm looking for a classic bend with fairly flat transition to the hoods. Right now I'm leaning more towards the Tornova because the drops flare out a bit and I've noticed this provides me a bit more comfort while riding in the drops.
But I could be wrong

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