Need advice: Sram Red front derailleur

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by CerveloBert

^ This post seems a bit directed and personal with some history behind it.

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by CharlesM

Imaking20 wrote:
CharlesM wrote:

Guy's I'm not guessing at this or asking SRAM... I have a new front mech on an old group set and it just plain works better.

I think Velonews covered most of the combinations and they also found that putting the 2012 Front der on the old SRAM group simply works quite a bit better.

The steel cage Force is a slight improvement, The 2012 RED is a substantial one, but I wouldnt change from the steel just to change... Frankly, any bitching about the steel one is mostly hot air. It works well. The Ti ones worked OK, but when you get the new one it's simply bang on.

That said, the entire new 2012 group is not only a breeze to set up, the whole thing works extremely well.

^all of this.

I'm not sure why you'd change the FD if admittedly you're not unhappy with your current steel cage.

I'm also not sure why you'd start another thread because because you didn't like the answers in the previous/current thread about the same topic.

I didnt start this thread :roll:

I changed front derailures to see if the new one's worked better and because I had a couple available for testing / review. As a tech writer I'm a little spoiled, but the benefit is having a little info versus just trolling...

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