ultegra 9 speed st-6510

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by chippan

i have 9 speed lever, it been sitting in the draw when got it out when i click the gears up down the is now only 7 clicks,

so thought this might because it was not connected to rear deraulier on the bike so connected it up, and when go up , and down still only get 7 clicks and it jams up on the last click i.e no more clicks, and wont go any further, it seems that rear mech can go over it bit more, but also seems very close to being bottomed out.

am i missing something simple here can the length cable being pulled by each click be adjusted, or is the some way of adjusting the lever. how come the is only 7 clicks and not 9 any suggestions can the lever be repaired.

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by odin99

try flushing it with wd-40. google the technique - its a common technique for flushing 'sticky' shimano shifters. for some reason their grease in the older shifters hardens over time.

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