Cleanest way for DI2 on non-internal frame

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by L3X

Since a lot of people here seem pretty creative I hope somebody can help me out.

I'm riding Ultegra DI2 on a frame without internal cable routing. The battery cable and the cable of the front derailler are hardly visible which is nice. However the cable from the front wire harness to the junction box, and the cable from the junction box to the rear derailler are tagged on with the Shimano stickers in the appropriate colors. Even though it's OK the way it is now, I was wondering what I could do to make it look more clean since the cable stops for instance arent used now.

This is where I need some suggestions to make it look better. I'm not willing to drill holes in the frame, however I did already cut and solder some of the wires so any option involving that is fine. One of the things I thought of is the following: can I cut the wire from the front harness to the junction box, feed ik through the cable stops on the frame, solder it back together and put it in for instance some Nokon housing? Or is the diameter of the wires too large?

Any other suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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by Omiar

The wire diameter is definitevely too large for shift/brake cable housing.
What frame is it?
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by L3X

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by bm0p700f

Are ther not ferrules available from an electrical shop/supplier that could be slid over the cable insulation that would then allow the cable to fit in the cable stops.

5mm or 6mm electrical cable sheeth does exist and this may allow you to route the cable using the existing cable stops with normal bike ferulles.

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