Just put on new Veloflex clinchers... surprised at size

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by VTBike

After 2,297 fantastic miles on my Vittoria EVO CX clinchers (not one flat), it was time to replace them. Despite my happiness with the tires, I decided to go for Veloflex CX 23's based on the reviews here. I'm excited about the tread pattern and apparent quality - though surprised at how much smaller they are than the Vittoria's. I know that the Veloflex 23's are supposedly the same as the 22's; but upon measuring, the Vittoria's are exactly 2 1/8 inch around (measured from rim lip to rim lip), and the Veloflex come in at exactly 2".. so a full 1/8 of an inch smaller.

Hopefully I won't experience a huge difference in ride quality -- or hoping somehow for better. I'm using latex tubes; but I'm also 200 lbs; so not light on these things. I had my Vittoria's at 105psi/100psi -- any reason to go less with the reduced air volume of the Veloflex?


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by kevhogaz

I just made the exact same switch. I'm very pleased with the Veloflex tires, and don't regret swapping brands. They ride nice, and at my heft (A svelt 230 lbs.) they roll real nice at 120 psi.

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by theremery

Run them with heaps of pressure (assuming your rims can cope). You'll have noticed that they are a PITA to install when new (tight) but they come right after a couple of hours at pressure. I'm 75-78 kg and run my 20's at 105 front 110+ at the back. Even on the wider 23's you'll want a good dollop of pressure at your weight. They are nowhere near as puncture resistant but gee they hold on to the road well, roll fast and feel good :) [115-120 in the back and take 5 ish psi off for the front]
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by VTBike

Thanks for the replies. Took them out on a 35 mile ride today; had the front at 105, rear at 110. The grip is there for sure - corners felt more stable and tighter than the Vittoria's; but they were also harsher. Not much, but I did feel more of the road. Looking forward to riding them more over the coming week on routes I'm familiar with so I can more objectively judge the ride. I can't imagine putting these up to 120psi for my tastes, but completely understand those that like to run higher pressures.

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