Whether drilled frame need a layer of varnish protection?

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by WasFab

I have width the internal cable holes in the frame and in the BB area, FD hole to insert all DI2 wires internally. I have heard
It might be useful to paint the enlarged holes with clear nail varnish or laquer as now exposed carbon laminate can expand if water gets in there. Anyone knows if this is recommended?

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by Geoff

No, that is not necessary.

by Weenie

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by latman

I agree it is not necessary and there wil be NO expansion , the only reason to coat the holes may be to smooth them out more and the varnish/laquer may help minimise the fibres "splintering" ??

Phill P
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by Phill P

Yeah I'd say the same- the vanish will just stop any fraying and maybe splintering of the fibers at the very edge. There is very little strength between layers of fiber so you'd want to protect the edges

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by WasFab

So what you guys say that it is necessary..! Right..?

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