Where should I spend $1000?

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by miskur505

I know there was a thread a while back that asked for the best place to spend $2300, however, my budget is considerably less than that. I have a nearly stock CAAD10 the only changes I've made to it are a Sram Force crank set and a different stem. Otherwise the group set is Shimano 105 and the wheels are the stock RS-10s. With that in mind I have about $1000 (definitely not more, preferably a bit less) to spend on upgrading my bike.

Should I get a new wheelset (probably custom) or should I upgrade the gruppo? I'm not necessarily looking for the greatest amount of weight loss that I can accomplish but for the best way I can noticeably improve the feel of my bike. If it helps, I do a lot of climbing and I race.

Thanks for the help and opinions in advance.

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by bricky21

I like these bang for the buck on x budget posts :thumbup:

Custom wheels with some real nice tires would be my choice with your budget and setup.

Off the top of my head...White ind. hubs / hed belgium tubular rims / comp/rev spokes and veloflex or fmb tires all for less than $1000. 8)

by Weenie

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