Help Me Choose New Frameset/Bike!

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by darkblue08

Today I would go for a Trek Madone 7. Aero is the new black.
...or you can buy my 6 month old Madone 6.9SSL frame and I can get the 7 version :)
If you want cheaper, find a Scott Addict, one of the best bikes ever made.

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by Brandonnie

well i agree with above poster but if you want even more comfort try the Trek Domane. Should be similar to the Madone but with double the comfort.

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by terminus

I'll try to be helpful as I can.

1. The best deal atm out of those bikes is the BMC Teammachine SLR01, you can get that frameset far cheaper than the others since it's been out for a few years.

2. DO NOT get the Pinarello Dogma 2, a newer Dogma 65.2 Think 2 has already been announced for 2013.

3. Specialized, Cannondale, Trek all make great bikes, I like all of them though personally I ride an S-Works SL3 atm.
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by Rush

dcaspira wrote:A new bike every 7-8 yrs...

Why not treat yourself to something special - custom / unique?

I'd agree with thus. Why spend thousands on a mass-produced frame that has generic handling characteristics designed for a theoretical generic rider?

I'd find the best custom frame builder that is located close to you. Go and talk to him about what sort of bike you want. Listen to the designer and builder of the frame. Ask him questions on how bottom bracket height, trail and chainstay length will affect ride and handling. Ask him what materials he uses and how does he shape the

Enjoy the opportunity to talk to a bike engineer and designer, as opposed to some sales guy.

Then, choose your wheelset, groupset and accessories...and get the bike you want, not the bike someone wants to sell you.

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