Best non SRM crank based power system for Campy 11 speed?

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Which crank based power meter combo?

Quarq + Cannondale Hollogram + Stronglight chainrings
Quarq + Rotor 3D + Stronglight chainrings
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by iscarrr

Ok, so the Campy SRM is just too expensive.

It looks like whatever i choose, I'll be using Stronglight CT2 chainrings for their 11 speed compatability.

The new Quarq spider for Cannondale cranks looks very nice, quite light, pricey for a Quarq, but still not in SRM territory pricing wise:

So, appearance wise, this is going on a Campy build, on a Cinelli. I'm leaning towards the Cannondale setup "looking" nicer, but I don't mind the look of Rotor cranks on Campy setups - of course they look better on Red setups, but I think thats largely because we're more used to seeing them on pro level Red spec'd bikes.

On the weight side of things, the Cannondale setup has the edge, especially if I get their new 2012 SiSL2 setup: ... ck-online/

Is there anything else to consider?

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

10sp rings work fine with 11sp.

Been using them for thousands of km's now, no trouble.

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by serbelo

No issues on 10 speed cranks with 11 speed chainset. I have thm crank with 10 speed extralite chainring and lightning crankset with fiberlyte chainring.
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by yongkun

Serbelo, I think you have to factor in the difference between the BCD, 130 BCD crankset can't goes with 135bcd campag rings.

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by angrylegs

I voted "Other", but in retrospect it was really only a twitch response. I'm riding Rotor 3D cranks with Q-rings and a Quarq with Campy. Outside of the Q-rings, that's the same as your poll option to use Stronglight rings instead. I like Stronglight rings and used them before I switched to Q-rings (won't be going back to round rings FWIW), but if I was using Rotor 3D cranks and didn't want Q-rings I'd probably use Rotor round rings for the overall aesthetic, but Stronglights would perform just as well. FWIW, as others mentioned, 10-sp rings run fine with Campy 11, so your choice does not necessarily need to be limited to Stronglight.

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by iscarrr

Thanks for the replies.

I really didn't mean this to turn into a "you don't need 11 speed chainrings to work, normal 10 speed chainrings will be fine with campy 11 speed". The only reason I mentioned it is because all the crank or power meter makers market to 11 speed customers with tag lines like "Campagnolo compatibility available with the use of Stronglight CT2 11 speed chainrings"

Anyway, im not about to use shimano or sram cranks on an otherwise Campy bike, but I get what a few of you have said; I don't need the Stronglight rings, I can just use the standard chainrings on either Rotor or Cannondale Hollogram.

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by mvacolnago

I have been using campy sr 11 with rotor cranks with rotor rings on a quarq for close to 2 yrs now. Customer service from quarq is second to none.

I did have some issues with the initial set up. The rotor rings require the front D to be set higher then my Colnago EPS braze on would allow. I had to dremel the cage a couple mm to allow clearance.

Since then I have moved the quarq set up to a C59 and a new set of campy sr 11 with no such issues.


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by gregalfa

Power2Max is another choice for you to consider.
I am using it for a year after I have used SRM PC V for 2 years. No problem so far for Power2Max.
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