Magazine weight vs real world weight:)

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by tommasini

Sorry if my prior post wasn't clear regarding my intent or if it sounded less than friendly.

I think it's good to shoot for a target regarding weight - but remembering that once out on the road a few hundred grams this way or that don't trump more important issues like getting a good fit.

Definitely a setback post is not appropriate now with the current saddle setting. And it's fair for those who slapped me around a bit after my first post - as I've never seen how the OP sits on his bike. But whether the OP has gotten fitted or not, when I see a saddle position like that I have a strong sense that some change needs to be considered - to allow getting the hips further back and better utilize muscles through a greater range of power input. Gradually work that saddle back.....even if it means eventually trading off a super lightweight straight post for a slightly heavier set back.

Anyways, here's to many enjoyable good miles on your 'dale!


by Weenie

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by madmole

Swap out the brakes for Planet X CNC ones, 100g saved and better braking, oh and you can get fancy colours too. Then just swap the cables for i-links (forget the fancy string in them), that will get you the 60
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