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by RMcC

Hi all,

Im thinking about getting a Felt F75 and trying to get it under 7kg but ideally down to around 6.5kg. Is this possible without spending bucket loads of cash? I was going to go down the CAAD route but as either bike is only available as a fully built bike ill be stripping the 105 groupsets off that both come with.

Has anyone tried to build a lightweight F75 or am I better to go down the tried and tested route of a CAAD 10? Im only really attracted to the Felt as the CAAD 10 is £400 more to start with and I dont really like the replica liquigas colour it will come in.

If I do go down the F75 route would running full Sram Force be light enough to get it down to the sub 7kg bracket or would I need to go with a lighter crankset and brakes?

Also what wheels would people recommend? I was thinking of easton ea90 slx wheels at 1386g but have read of lots of reports of spokes breaking so would like something roundabout this weight but more reliable.


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by iamalex

To throw a spanner in the works, have you taken a look at the Canyon Ultimate Al? Pretty competitive weights for the price and they look pretty nice too...

Ultegra spec £1369 @ 7.35kg
Tour de France special means they're throwing in Sigma computer, 2x cages, 2x bottles, Topeak tool, Topeak pump, extra conti. inner tubes.

Could make for a pretty solid foundation to an Alu build.

If you were looking at stripping a F75 or CAAD10... From here looks like the saving of Force over 105 is 611g.
On the F75 that would bring you down to around 8kg, leaving you 1kg+ to find through the other components. You could stick in it a spreadsheet and see where the best savings per £ can be found by subbing in alt components. Force+ these components would probably start adding up price wise.

by Weenie

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by istigatrice

wheels and tyres look like boat anchors, probably close to another 1kg there, saddle can probably be tuned, and if you go with planet X CNC ultralight brakes (205g) instead of SRAM force you could drop another 150g over 105...
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by Dimitri

force and those wheels alone wont get you there, but its do-able.

the F75 frame is available as a frameset (here in AU it is anyway)

its called the FA. probably makes more sense to buy that, as the F75 comes with a FSA crank so you wont get quick easy more for the stock groupset as its not complete.

Anyway FA/F75 frame is a decent low weight, but ..

check this thread - viewtopic.php?f=10&t=100671

likely the Felt frame (depending on the size you need) and fork is heavier.. but BB30 force groupe should come close to levelling it out, the rest gives you a pretty good idea about the type of parts youll need.

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