53/39 with 12/27 ?!?

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by lukael82


I just changed my crank to Dura Ace 53/39 and combined it with my old KCNC cassette 12/27, from my old bike (with compact crank)...what's your opinion on mixing these two cogs ??

I will use this bike for my trainings now, but I'll also race with it... I'm not pretty good rider and was always riding with compact cranks, so I'm wondering If maybe someone could explain how harder my shifts are going to be ( in % please ? ) ?

I'm also considering to go to 23/11 on the cassette, does anyone have experience with that ?? - probably hard on hills, but I think I could manage it someday, since my new bike is 6.6 kg 8)

I would appreciate any comments regarding these questions, and thanks for your help !!!
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by Weenie

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by HillRPete

Hopefully your cruising speed is over 35kph, otherwise you'll have to use the small ring on the flat, or cross chain most of the time. (Unless you ride a really low cadence)

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by Musiker

I recommend - I tend to enter 3 front cogs so I can compare on the calculated sheet (52/50/38 for instance) and enter my preferred cadence:

On the results compare the speeds with the range of speeds you normally ride (I ride my long stretches with 30 - 40km/h).

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by durkonion

Here is the best graphical gear calculator that I have ever seen: http://www.gear-calculator.com/#

With that said, if you're used to riding a 50/34 with the 12/27 I probably would not recommend going to a 11/23 with your 53/39.

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by lukael82

I've tried my bike today on flat, and I rided almost without noticing any difference except for the highest gear, but I was much slower although my bike is now 600g lighter !!

But since that was my first ride and the whole geometry of the bike is not the same as before, I think that things may come better soon enough. My riding position is not fitted correctly (need to fix seat position + unappropriate handlebar), so I am hoping that eventually my speed would increase :noidea:

Ofcourse I have to do some serious climbing to see how hard actually it will be, but according from today's experience I might even survive the suffering !!

Thanks for the gear computers, really cool stuff :thumbup: !!

P.S.: I ride around 4.000 k every year, but I did also short/middle distance triathlons in recent years (not good results, believe me :) ), my average cadence is approx. 80-90, and on the 45k flats (only 300m elevation) my best average speed so far was 34 km/h - longer distances usually 30, depends on elevations !!!
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by mjduct

That is exactly my setup, except I'm on a 11sp cogset.

I typically cruise at 19-21 mph depending on conditions and at a 105 cadence it I have a ton of gears right in my sweet spot.


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by nathanong87

53x11 isn't for cruising anything. unless you wanna do 100rpm going downhill at like 45 mph. and/or trying to race, and no difference in bike weight (realistically) will suddenly allow for a change in a casette from 12-27 to 11-23.

if u are just cruising i say keep the 12-27.

by Weenie

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by lukael82

I still don't have the right bike position, so my riding is still a little bit difficult...But I've tried on hills today and I must admit that gears are a little bit harder so i was strugllling, but once I'll fix my position things are just going to get better 8)

As for changing my cassettes - I have also a 11/23 T at my home, but for now I won't change it, It's too hard for me at the moment, maybe I'll change in future years, I'll see about that :wink:
Life is just a game that we all play

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