Toupe Pro sitffer than Toupe Expert?

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by motorthings

I have used the Specialized Toupe Expert saddle for a few years without issue, and recently decided to try the Toupe Pro a month ago. They seem to be the same saddle except for the rails (carbon vs. ti) The specialized site has the same description of both saddles:

"Super-light EVA padding for comfort and performance on longer rides
Stiff, carbon-reinforced shell for longevity and all-day racing efficiency"

But...I have started to get some sitbone pain with the Pro, and am wondering if it is just a break-in issue (I have never had this issue even with a new toupe expert), or if there is something else about the Pro that makes it a stiffer shell. I have been increasing my miles over the last month too, but only by 15% week to week.

I tried lowering the nose of the saddle a couple of degrees, but that doesn't seem to have made a difference. For the first two weeks I had it level.

Anyone had a similar experience or know something about these saddles that I don't?

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by RichTheRoadie

It is quite firm for sure, but it's a long time since I ran the Expert version so I can't comment as a direct comparison.

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by yeagermeister

I have ridden toupe's since they came out and each one has taken a couple hundred miles to break in. I have an s-works toupe which is very stiff because it has a full carbon shell. Both the pro and expert have the same carbon reinforced shell so if you like the expert give the pro some time to break in.

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by motorthings

I finally gave in and swapped back to my black toupe expert yesterday and the sitbone pain I had been fighting since installing the white toupe pro is gone...then i figured out the difference!

I went back to the shop to get a white toupe expert, and compared the flexiblity of the new white toupe pro to the new black carbon toupe expert, and was amazed at how much more flexible the expert was (and had a shop employee confirm it so I made sure I was not crazy). Theoretically the materials are the same according to the Specialized specifications, but if you compare the white toupe expert to the black toupe expert, you will find the same thing! the white plastic base (underside) seems to be much more flexible than the black plastci base on the white toupe expert (forgot to check if it is the same way on the pro).

I find it very surprising that the exact same saddle model is that much different simply due to a different color base, so will be calling Specialized tomorrow to see what they can tell me about it. I love the look of the white saddle, but may just have to use the black saddle to get the more flexbile/comfortable shell.

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by KB

My experience is the same as yours. I rode the Toupe but never really liked it. Rode a few different saddles in between, but recently bought the Expert and like it a lot. I don't notice it, which is a good sign, but then I ride with the Assos waist shorts and they are easily the best shorts I've had.

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by motorthings

cliff's notes version:
white toupe pro has a stiffer shell than the black toupe pro.


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