OK to use carbon wheels for every-day riding?

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by phlip

I finally bought the Canyon Ultimate CF frame. Now I need wheels to go with it.

Unfortunately I really only like the looks of high profile, aero wheels on that frame. The Planet X 50mm carbon tubulars seem like good value. Is it advisable to use them for every-day training?

One thing in particular that concerns me is that they have only 16 spokes in the front. Is it risky to use such wheels for training? Or will they last just as long as regular, low-profile alu rims when driven carefully, that is for example, not through every pothole there is.

I ride about 6000 km per year. I'd like to have a reliable bicycle. But of course I'd also like to have a fast and light one. Are those goals compatible nowadays? Or would I be better off with a steel frame and Mavic Open Pros?

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by beardking

Where do you live? With the weather how it is in the UK at the moment I wouldn't want to be using carbon wheels everyday. There's too much debris and grit on the roads.

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by brycerider

What is your budget? For cheap some Reynolds Assaults would be good. For twice that some Enve 45s. Both clinchers.

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by Tinea Pedis

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