Campag Bora Ultra Two - still worth taking the plunge?

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by Lafolie

I have always had a soft spot for the Bora Ultra Two wheel-set. However, is it now a bit late in the day to think about buying a set? Comparing other deep section carbon wheels on the market, are the Bora Two's still a viable choice, considering their age and technology? I would love to hear other peoples views Thanks guys.

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by Alex_ucsb

They are a bit behind the curve tech-wise, however in sheer baller factor they still reign supreme.

by Weenie

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by fa63

If my experience with Campy wheels are anything to go by, they will be stiff, durable and the hubs will roll like butter. Not to mention they look great as mentioned. They are probably not as aero as some of the latest offerings out there, but I doubt you would notice that.

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by fdegrove


The hubs, the hubs.... :P

Aerowise there may be better around but who else makes bombproof carbon rims with buttery smooth high-tech hybrid bearings running on oil ?

Just to give you some idea I have two sets: One is an Ultra dating from late 2006, the other is an Ultra Two which I acquired earlier this year.
The first set has been running on Ceramic Speed bearings and light oil for the better part of 80.000 km rain or shine and still is like new in every single aspect bar some tiny scratches on the stickers. Even the brake tracks are like new....
These wheels never go out of true and barely need any maintenance. If they do need it then it's still a piece of cake and free if you do it yourself.

If you're looking for a set of wheels you want to keep for years and years then this is it. :lol:

Ciao, ;)
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by tommasini




Fantastic hubs/loose ball bearings, strong/durable rims, my two sets have never needed any truing. Reasonably light package. Bought from the right sources (UK) you can get Bora 1's for less than $1400 USD (alloy hub and not ceramic bearings) and the ceramic Bora 2's (carbon hub) for $2100.

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by rustychain

I have some 2006 Bora Ultras with I've 20,000 miles on them. They are still some of the sweetest wheels I own. I would buy some new ones but these are still in great shape.
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by LionelB

It is interesting how the campy Bora design have not evolved much and are still loved and used by many people. It shows that it was a great design. All my campy wheels have been completely trouble free. I was asking myself the same question as you not long ago and may end up with Ultra 2 one day.

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by maverick_1

definitely yes, it's worth every penny.

had the Bora Ultra back in 2006, then sold it and bought LW Std..

my current wheels are Hyperon Ultra Two (clincher), Lightweight and RZR (tubulars), and 3 more pairs of Campagnolo clinchers. Bora Ultra rolls better than anything else, even with the regular bearings.

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by imageking

i've tried a few wheel sets but the BoraTwos are really good reliable wheels...and a good buy used as they are so strong. I picked mine up for under 50% in mid winter in absolute mint condition with 3 tubs.

Not the lightest or most aero but just look how many pro's rolled up the ramp at yesterdays TdF presentation with them

The hyperion clinchers are another that the headline figures don't quite stack up, but they just work really well.
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by sawyer

Bora Ones if you shop around are one of the best value carbon wheels. Twos are obviously better, but very marginally at a big premium.

I've crashed my Boras twice in the past month and they've laughed it off.

If you want something for TTing I'd look elsewhere, but for general road riding they are great.
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by EightFiveTwo

They are NOT the lightest, but they do roll like butter, and the black-label bora two looks very nice in person. I know cuz i have a set.
Ribble has them on sale for just a little over 2.2k usd. Cant beat that.

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by Lafolie

thanks guys. I would agree. whilst never had the pleasure of owning the Bora's, I have previously owned the Hyperons and the Campag hubs are fantastic. So rock sold and dependable. I guess....if it ain't broken, don't fix it! ;-)

by Weenie

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