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by stevey028

Hi guys,
Long time followe first time really posting :o

Please can I have some advice on a build that will allow me to stay light but aero on a new medium Falco V that I have just purchased.

I already have a super 9 disc and Zipp 808, other than that I am unsure of what to get next.

Also I will be going mechanical as electric seems more expensive and heavier.

Cash is definitely limited but I do want it to be light so I may stretch on an item if it will save the grams as my A race is very hilly and I mself am very light and low body fat so seems a waste to be riding a 10kg bike!

Anyway advice please on the following:

Front, rear and bar end shifters, brake levers
Saddle(I am thinking a prologo nack or a dash if I have the funds)
Aero bars and stem

Many thanks guys

by Weenie

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by NiFTY

I would definately get di2. Ultegra di2 is quite cheap currently and having shifters on the brake levers as well as the extensions is worth the cost in terms of dollars and grams.
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by spdntrxi

electronic is night and day nice compared to mech... especially on a TT bike... I agree Ui2 is cheap option

zip super 9 is a stiff riding wheel.. sometimes I wish I kept my HED, I use a Enve 6.7s for training rides and super9 for race day.

saddles are tough.. I'm still swapping.. Sitero-->Fizik--->specialized power

bars.. I really like the Shimano Pro ..very adjustable and aero.

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by Grill

I have zero confidence in that frame. Not only is the finishing poor, but the stem tends to explode and they're put of business now. So yeah, replace the stem immediately (PRO or TriRig to match the recommendations below).

Wheels - Hed Stinger, Hed Trispoke, Zipp 808 FC (post recall), or a wide Chinese wheel
Tubs - Vittoria Crono CS or Veloflex Record
Cables - Di2
Saddle - depends on your ass
Bars - 3T Ventus, TriRig Alpha, or PRO Missile Evo
Weight - Doesn't matter in the slightest.

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by wingguy

Thirded or fourthed the above - if your main race is hilly (and steep) then DI2 with basebar shifting is pretty sweet.

Plus you'd save massively more weight by choosing a different frame to begin with. Worrying about lightweight cables on a monster like that brings to mind deckchairs and the Titanic :wink:

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by mimason

Please allow me to pile on..Di2 is the only way to go. Shifting in the bullhorns is indispensable and you are on a hilly course then even more so. Its a game changer for TT riding. Weight savings meh unless you have a different frame.
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by mimason


by Weenie

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