Handlebars for Campy Ergo Shifters?

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by Unbrokenchain

Looking for opinions/suggestions for handlebars that work well Campy ergo shifters. I know it is a personal choice but just curious what others like and dislike.


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by RussellS

I have four bikes using 9 and 10 speed Campagnolo Ergo levers. I use TTT Morphe bars on all of them. These are anatomic bars with a fairly shallow drop. The tops of the bars behind the Ergo levers is flat and goes straight out. It does not angle down before reaching the Ergo levers. The Ergo levers are mounted horizontal at the ends of the bars. As far forward as you can get them. I have about 5 inches of flat space to place my hands. About 2 inches of the Ergo and about 3 inches of the bars. This long flat horizontal space is key. You need space to place your hands on the Ergo levers and the bars right behind it. I would recommend finding bars that have a long flat horizontal space right behind where the Ergo/STI levers go. Look for bars that start their downward angle where you mount the levers. Not bars that start angling down back where the bars turn to the front.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Deda Newton.
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by c50jim

I have Deda Zero 100 and FSA K Force compact and wing pro compact. All give me the ability to have a flat section just behind the shifters which is comfortable for my hands. That's what I like. I've also come to like the slightly flat tops.

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by Szczuldo

take a look at the Zipp Contour SL short and shallow. Most likely all short and shallow zipp bars will do but I have those. You have a nice flat transition to the hoods and the levers are still a very easy reach from the drops. You can see a picture of it in the thread in my sig.
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by wasfast

Pro Vibe 7S, prefer the round bend version. Deda Newtons mentioned above also good. Lastly, I have a set of Ritchey Evolutions that have worked well for 3 years.

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by teleguy57

Really liking my Easton EC90-slx3 carbon bars with my C11 shifters. 125 drop, 75 reach, nice flats. Spend a lot more time comfortably in the drops now, both straight down near the ends of the drops and also reaaching deep into the drops. Have a nice climbing position on the bars themselves, can ride on the flats before the hoods, deep onto the hoods, , hands wrapped around the hoods w/forearms on the flats -- what's not to like? :thumbup:

Oh, and I have relatively large hands and go 183cm so short/shallow bars are not just for small riders.

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by natiedean24

Easton SLX3

la rosa
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by la rosa

3T ergonova

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by Kjetil

The Deda RHM shape (Presa, 35, Zero100 a.o.) works fine for me.

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by zik

deda presa

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by angrylegs

3T Ergonova. IME it runs them really well and is my favorite bar for them.

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by mvacolnago

another vote for deda, I have SR 11 on alanera with the RHM and it works great... I also use em on a set of FSA plasma's but the reach to the thumb shifter while in the drops is a touch trickier.

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