Which 25mm tubular tire?

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by LarsEjaas

fdegrove wrote:Hi,

The Vittoria's are nice: But way to puncture prone... I prefer Conti's, because of their best overall performance (puncture resistance, rolling resistance and price).[/quote]

Leaving price out of the equation as I consider it a variable, not a constant, leaves you with a tyre with only average rolling resistance, lousy to nonexistent comfort at usual tyre pressures and a good measured (labtest) puncture resistance which in practice (read IME) is no better than say a Veloflex Carbon or Roubaix/Arenberg.

That said, where I do most of my riding a typical Vittoria Evo CX is useless as it tends to pick up all kinds of flints and digs them in until a puncture occurs. Add a questionable (at best) behaviour under wet conditions and it's off the list.

A good Vitto tubular would be a CX SC in 25mm version should it exist IMHO. Until it does Roubaix/Arenberg seems to be the obvious choice should you need a wider than 23mm tubular tyre.

Ciao. ';)[/quote]

Great post fdegrove: At least we can agree that Vittorias are WAY to puncture prone :D

I've only heard GREAT things about Veloflex, but they are to expensive for me! I know that Continentals are average on rollling resistance (they are nice tubs: but not great/the best out there), but I tend to be able to find them here and there at great prices, and then buy some! I guess Continentals are way pricier in the US, but here I still find them the best compromise of price, feel and puncture resistance...

by Weenie

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by strobbekoen

Since you are in europe, the price difference between conti's and veloflex is just a couple euro.
for example here, http://www.bike-palast.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
how much do you buy your conti's for ? :D

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by fdegrove


In Europe Continental tubulars such as the Competition model are overpriced IMO.
Veloflex OTOH suffer from the old school distribution system so they too are often overpriced when bought from the regular channels. (Not to mention the prices in the U.S.A. :shock: )
The cheaper sources for Veloflex tyres are slowly drying up I'm afraid.... :cry:

Ciao, ;)
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