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by m103348

I currently have a Chorus 50/34 Compact. The crank is a chorus CT Ultra Torque crank. I was wondering what kind of chainrings I would need to make it a standard 53/39 crankset? Are there any compatibility issues with these chainrings?
Thanks for any help!

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by c50jim

It's probably easier to just swap out the crank and sell your compact. There's lots of demand for compacts so it should move fairly easily. I checked a couple of on line sites and didn't see 53 or 39 toth rings for Campy compact. Check your derailleur too. If it's a special compact one, it might not work very well with the regular rings.

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by JMT

I think TA-specialties, Stronglight or Miche will have chainrings, which ones fit may vary with the year of manufacture of your cranks.
Some options, depending on your cranks. I have only used TA-Specialties on Shimano cranks but that worked fine. As C50jim said it may be a better choice to sell your compacts and buy a 53/39 if you aresure that is what you want.;n ... gc=122:435;n ... gc=122:435 ... CT-3671-en ... CT-2996-en

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by Wcl4

Dont think it's possible to put 11 speed Campy rings in that configuration onto a compact.

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by Zakalwe

I read somewhere that Campy will be offering semi compact 52/36 rings with a 110 BCD at some point. Miche already do so they might also fit, as mentioned above. They might flex a bit though.

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by savechief

Just buy some TA Specialites Nerius 11 chainrings:

They have both a 39T inner and 53T outer in the compact 110mm bolt pattern. But you're probably going to also need these if you have a 2011/2012 Chorus crankset that has a threaded inner ring rather than separate chainring nuts:

Lots of good information about using aftermarket chainrings with the 2011/2012 threaded inner chainring in this thread (jump straight to page 3 for the conclusion):
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